Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hey there YOU, you eat some Rabbit!

I tell you, Sam, that's a nasty habit

photograph picture of some welsh rarebit or rabbit depending on what you call it
I Am Sam.
C'mon now, lets get some honey
For a dish of sweet glazed bunny.
That Sam-I-Am! That Sam-I-Am!
I do not like that Sam-I-Am
I will not eat anything bunny,
I tell you, Sam, it's just not funny.
How about some rabbit stew?
I'll make a pot, just for you?
Not stew, not bunny, I told you Sam,
I cannot eat it, Sam-I-Am.
Then I'll bake a rabbit pie,
That's a dish you won't deny?
Deny I will, and deny I can,
I will not taste it Sam-I-Am.
Well, here's a dish, you'll love, I bet.
Share with me some rabbit rillette.
No, Sam-I-Am, I will not share,
You may not, but I do care.
Then let me prepare, for you, lapin
That sounds like a better plan.
Sam, I Am, I can translate,
Please no lapin on my plate.
Sam I am, just leave me be
Rabbit's not the dish for me.
Not in a stew, not with you,
Not in a pie, Not for a guy,
Not in rillette, No, not yet,
Not in a pan, no lapin,
No, no, no, it's just not funny
I told you Sam, I don't eat bunny!
How about I change the name?
And we'll just start this thing again.
If I say Rarebit, will you bite?
I think you will, I think you might?
I know you are so hard to please,
But try this toasted, bubbling cheese,
Its mixed with egg and glug of Ale,
How could such ingredients fail?
English Mustard, onion, sage,
Rarebit on toast is all the rage,
I know you'll like it if you try,
Try the Rarebit before you die.
Say! It's true I like the Rarebit.
I'd even say I like it a fair bit.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Sam!
Thank you, kindly, Sam-I-Am.

photograph picture of some the mixture for welsh rarebit or rabbit depending on what you call it

This Welsh Rarebit, a mixture of cheese, egg, mustard and Ale, was made using a recipe from Delia Smith who prefers to call it Welsh Rabbit. Read more here about the Welsh Rabbit v Rarebit debate. (Thanks Amy, for the link). The post was written for Jeanne and Anthony's EOMEOTE for August 2005, which required the post be written in Dr Seuss style. Most of the ingredients used were local. Eatwell Farm's eggs and sage, onions from Heirloom Organics, Three Sister's Farmstead Serenita cheese and Acme Pain au Levain.

Locavores August Eat Local Challenge 2005
Today is Blog Day 2005. Here are five non-foodie favourite blogs for you to check out: Qwerty | Potrero Hill | Non Dairy Diary | San Francisco Civic Center | Michele Agnew

Archive Alert! On this day in 2004, I was having dinner at the house of Vinny and my ex roomate D who is originally from New Orleans. We are keeping our fingers crossed for her family. Please think about donating to send relief effort to the stricken area. Thank you.

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Hey there YOU, you eat some Rabbit!


  • At 31/8/05 09:48, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    VERY good Seussification! I writhe in agony when I read bad imitations. You nailed it.

  • At 31/8/05 11:01, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Brilliant Sam

  • At 31/8/05 18:06, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Total Respekt.

    I'm glad you are spreading the non bunrab eating word Sam.


  • At 31/8/05 18:07, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Delightful Seuss, but I will not call you Dr. Sam.

    Do you know some of the amazing American-named versions of rarebit? Try "blushing bunny" (made with tomato added), "rink tum ditty", or "English monkey"!

    This was a good diversion on a day filled with bitter news.

  • At 31/8/05 22:26, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…

    Your amazingly clever wit never ceases to amaze me! : )

  • At 1/9/05 04:56, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Pure genius - I love it! If Lucas ever lets you go, you have a rosy future ahead of you as a poet!

  • At 1/9/05 05:20, Blogger Banlieue Blog said…

    ....I was SO sure it was Fanny!
    Perfect Seuss!

  • At 1/9/05 05:41, Blogger *fanny* said…

    Brilliant. YOur pix are just wonderful. I love welsh rarebit (as im used to say) by the way.


  • At 1/9/05 06:17, Blogger Kevin said…

    The sounds of wild, enthusiastic applause waft faintly from the Southeast.

    Actually, I'm planning on rarebit this weekend and it looks like I'll have to versify.

  • At 1/9/05 07:53, Blogger Sam said…

    thanks everyone.
    My mum will confirm - I have been a poet all my life.
    Big childhood hero was Pam Ayers.
    Hmm - say no more.

    I was a bit rushed when I wrote this.
    With a little more time I could make it much much better, but you know blogging, a post is here today and gone tomrrow like the wind.

    kevin - dont forget to put a LOT of mustard in your rarebit!

  • At 3/9/05 15:26, Blogger Nupur said…

    That is amazing :) just made my day!

  • At 12/9/05 13:22, Blogger Lady Amalthea said…

    This was really fantastic. I'm so impressed by your long Seuss poem.
    I've never had Welsh Rarebit (as I've most often seen it), but now I'm really tempted to give it a whirl.


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