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For Just One Day - I am Rachael Ray!

My favourite $40-A-Day Eats in San Francisco

For Dine & Dish Edition # 4.

photograph picture of Sam posing as Rachael Ray on the golden gate bridge in San Francisco

I don't know how accurate this quote is that Farmgirl emailed me a while back. Allegedly Anthony Bourdain made this remark on The Late Show:

"Anybody can travel around and eat on $40 a day if they stiff the waiter..."

Disclaimer: No waiter was stiffed in the creation of this post. However cheap you are, please be fair with your tipping.

Last week, for the Rachael Ray Challenge, I revisted some of my favourite spots. Regular readers won't find any surprises. I've written about some of these places many times. The fact I keep returning is testament to how much I like them.

photograph picture of eggs florentine from Liberty Cafe filed under restaurant Review san franciscoBreakfast $10.25 If a breakfast menu has some kind of variation of Eggs Benedict on it, chances are I won't be able to resist ordering it. Since living in the US I am no longer able to indulge in a a classic English Breakfast, so poached eggs and muffins have become my new favourite brunch alternative to a fry-up. On Saturday, after a visit to the Alemany Farmers Market with a couple of girlfriends, we descended on Cortland Avenue's Liberty Cafe because we think they serve one of the best versions in the City. All three of us had the scrumptious Eggs Florentine, with English muffins, spinach, poached eggs, hollandaise and potatoes $8.50. I had a small glass of freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice, too for $1.75. Liberty Cafe support local farms by buying produce directly from the farmers.

photograph picture of corn chowder and corn fritter from Tabla Tava in larkspur filed under restaurant Review san franciscoLunch $12.00 After such a rich breakfast, a little bit of exercise wouldn't go a miss. Chances are, if you are a tourist, you are going to want to take a look at the Golden Gate Bridge anyway. If you are driving to the bridge, you may as well cross it and then take an energetic hike or just a little stroll on Mount Tam, just beyond the bridge in Marin, and burn off some of those breakfast calories. Not only will you witness some truly beautiful countryside, you'll also work up a little appetite for lunch. Nestled at the base of the mountain, in Larkspur, you'll find Tabla, my favourite place for a midday meal. On last week's visit I guess I was in a corny mood. I started with a delicious, creamy Corn and Mushroom Chowder, $5.00 and then moved on to one of the daily specials, a Sweetcorn Fritter, $7.00. Tabla are also strong supporters of shopping at the local Farmers markets and supporting sustainable agriculture.

photograph picture of Ti Couz 10 cocktail and mushroom almond cheese crepe from Ti Couz filed under restaurant Review san franciscoDinner $17.25. I gave Fred a choice of four places to go for our Rachael Ray dinner. Rosamunde Sausage Grill and Toronado, Chez Maman and The Slow Club were all rejected in favour the place I was secretly rooting for the most too - Ti Couz, our favourite creperie in the Mission District. Counting my pennies, I realised I had just enough money left for my favourite crepe and a cocktail. The Ti Couz 10, $7.00, was created to celebrate this popular restaurant's tenth birthday. It is made from Blackberry puree, fresh mint and lime juice and vodka all shaken straight up. When served, a splash of champagne is added. This drink is fruity, sour, refreshing and not too sweet. I love it. My current favourite crepe is the Mushroom, Cheese and Almond, $10.25. These buckwheat crepes are just perfect. A little crispy on the outside with a soft, gooey, cheesey, mushroom centre given some crunch by the addition of the toasted almonds. I am making myself hungry just writing about it. I didn't ask any questions about use of local products when I was at dinner, but Ti Couz owner Sylvie Le Mer was on a 1996 Draft Group creating a Sustainability Plan for San Francisco which suggests it is a subject she cares about. Organic options are available on the menu for an extra fee. It is interesting that she lets the consumer decide whether or not they want to pay the price of eating more healthily.

Total San Francisco Spend: $39.50 (not including tax or tip)

Locavores August Eat Local Challenge 2005

PS - A big thank you to Sarah for letting me host this, the fourth edition of Dine & Dish. Read all the other dozens of entries from people all over the world pretending to be Rachael Ray on $40 a day right here.

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For Just One Day - I am Rachael Ray!


  • At 22/8/05 08:00, Blogger tara said…

    I have to say, I love the theme for this "Dine and Dish" - the creativity and range of dishes is great to see. I can't wait to read all the entries!

  • At 22/8/05 08:18, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i looooove the picture! lol! you should make that your new banner!

    anyway, thanks so much for hosting, sam, and i really can't wait to see the entire round up. mine, will be a bit late. hoping to get it together by tonight ;)

  • At 22/8/05 15:22, Blogger Amy Sherman said…

    This was so much fun! I love your picks, but I think I went one step further with the photo...

  • At 22/8/05 15:46, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    gosh, today's the deadline. I mean to participate, but I'm out of town. I might put something together, but probably late!

  • At 22/8/05 16:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I agree with Sarah. That's a fab pic! Food looks great too. Can't wait for the round-up! Armchair travelling *and* eating. Hurrah!

  • At 22/8/05 16:34, Blogger Jennifer said…

    Mine is going to be a day late... Turns out that it's a cakewalk to do Novato on $40. Hurray!

  • At 22/8/05 17:54, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That was a fun theme! Great picks. I love Liberty Cafe for any meal of the day. Haven't been to Ti Couz in years--thanks for the reminder. I'd forgotten how much I love their dessert crepe with bananas and Nutella and their dry apple cidre from Brittany.

  • At 22/8/05 18:10, Blogger Jocelyn:McAuliflower said…

    Poop! I'm not ready.

    I'll have fun looking through the entries though.

    Perhaps I'll do a later courtney love edition...? :) Naw, My system can't handle that one.

  • At 22/8/05 19:32, Blogger Rose said…

    Going to be a day late too...was travelling in the south :-) But I got so much to eat for under $40!

  • At 22/8/05 23:00, Blogger MizD said…

    Oh, this was far, far too much.... well, something. I'm still trying to find the right word. Fun doesn't quite fit, at least not after the formatting hell of our $40 a Day dramatic presentation! :-)

    (Breathes major sigh of relief for making the deadline... for once!)

  • At 23/8/05 06:41, Blogger Sam said…

    tara - it has been too much fun, seriously

    sarah - I don't think fred would like me to be always on the home page in Racahel's body

    Amy - yes, my dear, your photo is MAD!

    Ced - got your entry - thank you

    AG - I love being able to see what the locals would eat in each place.
    It's a great guide for those times when we really do get to travel to these places.

    Jennifer - I can't wait to see the Novato version. I have some friends at work whho will be very interested.

    Brett - I really love the cidre too - it is my usual choice but the other night I decided to spash out on the cocktail instead

    McCauliflower - if you need a little more time - this round up will take about a week

    Rose - no worries - looking forward to seeing what you feasted on.

    Mrs D - have you emailed me your entry? I haevn't seen it. Please do and I will check it out.

    thanks everyone

  • At 23/8/05 19:34, Blogger Daily Gluttony said…


    that is the best photo EVER!

    ah yes, liberty of the things i miss about the city!

    great post!

  • At 23/8/05 23:20, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow, great list. I lived in the Bay Area for 7 years (albeit not in SF), and have never heard of any of those restaurants! Definitely going to visit Table next time I visit.

  • At 28/10/05 13:34, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mission cafe and food:
    I would like to mention a great little place I have recently discovered: La Solea Dance Cafe. This is a lovely cafe' located on 19th street @ Mission. Lovely african-inspired atmospher. They started serving east Indian inspired dishes for lunch and brunch on weekend. It is one of the most delicious an authentic Indian home-style meal I ever had for less than $8. I highly reccomend the fish croquette, the chicken masala, and the coconout infused string beans. Do not forget to get a mango lassi to go with it. Try and let me know
    Andy Garcia

  • At 25/4/06 13:16, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I like the 30 minutes meals show; Rachel is cute and down to earth!

    Rachel; if you read this comment, please let me know why you have never cook a dish from Peru? You have done dishes from: Argentina; Cuba, Mexico, Italy, Grece, India, China and other countries that I can not remember right now. The only thing I am remembering you mentioning from Peru; are the purple potatoes and that was a big surprise!

    Rachel; please de not take my comments in a wrong way, I love your show very much and I watch it every day. Congratulations on your Wedding; I wish you and your husband the best, you two deserv ed it!


    Gladys M. Darmos


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