Thursday, July 21, 2005

Utensibility Shopping Trip #1

Recently my readers and fellow food bloggers helped me compile an amazing shopping list of their favourite kitchen utensils to use as a guide for spending the $300 Sur La Table my mum and dad sent me for my birthday. On Saturday I visited Sur La Table to get rid of a bit of the dosh. This is what I returned home with...

photograph picture of a large 14 inch balloon whisk $11.95 from Sur la Table photograph picture of a sieve $12.95 from Sur la Table

Christine and Keiko each suggested a whisk. Unfortunately Sur La Table don't stock the brands they recommended, but I wanted to thank them both for the reminder - I needed a large whisk anyway. The one I bought was the largest at 14" and cost $11.95. A better sieve was another thing I was in desperate need of. This 7" one cost $12.95.

photograph picture of an Asian Skimmer $7.95 from Sur la Table photograph picture of a Messer Meister $5.50 from Sur la Table

More reader recommendations that took my fancy. Joy suggested the Asian skimmer, a bargain at $7.95. Even better value was the Messermeister suggested by both Lindy and Kevin. It was reduced by 20% to $4.40 in the sale that Barbara kindly tipped me off about.

photograph picture of a jar of pie weights $9.95 from Sur La Table photograph picture of Kyocera Julienne ceramic mandolin $24.95 from Sur la Table

I know I could just use beans, but I choose to blame my bad pastry experiences on not having any proper pie weights. Now I have no excuse, this jarful cost $9.95. Although Fatemeh didn't enter the Utensibility Meme, I read about the $24.95 Kyocera Mandolin on her blog and I thought to myself, me me me, I want one too.

photograph picture of a jar of pie weights $9.95 from Sur La Table photograph picture of Kyocera Julienne ceramic mandolin $24.95 from Sur la Table

I am quite partial to scallopinis. Now I can pound the meat myself with this bargain beater that cost just $4.95. My friend 'P', swears by her turkey baster for making some of the most scrumptious roast potatoes I have ever eaten. Although she accidentally left her baster at my house, I think she is going to ask for it back soon. No problem, now I am prepared for its imminent departure with this new one, complete with cleaning brush, that cost $12.95.

My final purchase was a mystery item. Can you guess what it is?

PS. I have spent $119.35 so far from the $300 Sur La Table gift voucher my mum and dad kindly sent me for my birthday. $180.65 still left to go. The 'big' thing I was planning on buying yesterday wasn't available in-store so I think I am going to have to go online for the rest of my shopping spree. Thanks mum and dad!
Thank you to everone who took part in Utensibility:
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Utensibility Shopping Trip #1


  • At 21/7/05 07:15, Blogger eat stuff said…

    A silicon glove! or mat but to get hotstuff out of the stove :)

  • At 21/7/05 07:23, Blogger Sam said…

    smarty pants :) !!

    I always thought they look silly
    but when I saw a petite one for lady-sized hands in shocking pink, how could I resist?

    It resists - the heat- really well,but it is a bit cumberson. I squashed one of my cookies because of it, when I was turning them around in the oven.

  • At 21/7/05 07:45, Blogger tara said…

    The pink is definitely a step up from my blue! You know, when I first looked at the photo, it was like one of those magic eye things, I was staring at the negative space, and thinking it was a solid - so I was assuming you'd bought some sort of blade that was reflecting light!

  • At 21/7/05 07:48, Blogger Sam said…

    tara - that is funny - i see exactly what you mean - I didn't look at it that way before. But now it looks like a wierdo knife

  • At 21/7/05 07:55, Blogger Barbara Fisher said…

    Do you have any silpats? (The silicone glove thingie made me think of them.)

    They are super useful critters for baking, roasting and all sorts of things--we used them to death in our baking and pastry rotations in culinary school--back before they were available to the public.

    I have one for each baking sheet, and one very large one that has measured circles on it for rolling out pie dough. If you dampen your counter, and then lay the big silpat on it, it will keep still, then sprinkle your flour and roll out your dough or knead your bread or whatever. Great thing.

  • At 21/7/05 08:30, Blogger eat stuff said…

    YAY! I WIN I WIN :)

    I was going to say in becksnposh pink too ;)

    I so want one!

  • At 21/7/05 09:41, Blogger Stephanie said…

    Matt's parents gave him one of those mandalins for his birthday a couple of years ago.

    It's fantastic, but you have to be really aware to prevent finger zest!

  • At 21/7/05 10:58, Blogger Rebecca Mongrain said…

    Oh the tips I can give you on Sur La Table and products. Seriously! Just let me know if you want to hear about new and upcoming products coming out soon!

  • At 21/7/05 10:58, Blogger Fatemeh Khatibloo-McClure said…

    OK, OK!! I get the picture. I'm a BAD person for not submitting a post. But in my defense, I WAS in the midst of Phineas hell!

    Looks like you got the julienne kyocera, yes? I still covet that one -- perhaps next time. The one I have is yellow, and is a straight slicer.

    Like, Tara, I was looking at the negative space, and thought you'd purchased some kind of bizarre cake-decorating knife/tool/whatsit.

  • At 21/7/05 11:05, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…

    Oh you just had too much fun, Sam! What a great post. And who but you could manage to entertain so many people with one $300 gift certificate?

    Of course I now have a really, really long "want list" of things I never knew existed. . . Bet I'm not the only one either. Thanks so much for coming up with this wonderful idea (and for putting in all the handy links). And is Untensibility just the most clever name or what? I think so! : )

  • At 21/7/05 11:44, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i thought it was a knife.

    omg. i was looking and looking at that photo trying to see a dice.

    it looks like a grapefruit knife - the kind that is serrated on both sides so you can cut around the fruit.

    i need to see the entire thing! i don't see the glove!!!

  • At 21/7/05 11:49, Blogger Sam said…

    Quick reply for Sarah
    Click here to see the glove.

  • At 21/7/05 14:16, Blogger Guy said…

    Ooo, that looks like a Smurf Chainsaw.
    I'm really impressed with your ability to choose some really inexpensive goodies, I could not have done that. I alwasy wind up at the copper fry pan isle, sucker.


  • At 21/7/05 15:28, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Smurf chainsaw!!! LOL. I thought it was merely a Klingon bread knife.
    Sam: I know your parents' gift is for SLT, but do check out The Wok Shop for well-priced items (including a Chinese skimmer) here.

  • At 21/7/05 16:53, Blogger megwoo said…

    Hey Sam,
    You did great on your purchases so far! I wanted to tell you that I actually got a thermapen for my bday and I LOVE it. More than anyone should reasonably love a thermometer. It's so fast and accurate. It even came with calibration papers. CALIBRATION PAPERS! Okay, just had to tell you :)

  • At 21/7/05 17:17, Blogger Guy said…

    Hey Meg,

    Yeah, okay so you got a Thermapen. So what color did you get?

  • At 21/7/05 17:38, Blogger Sam said…

    I am waiting for them to come out with a pink one. If the silicon glove is anything to go by - it's just a matter of time

  • At 21/7/05 17:58, Blogger Guy said…

    Hey Sam,

    Is that a Hello Kitty Pink or a hot pink. If they come out with a HK pink, I'll have to buy another. Sigh.


  • At 21/7/05 18:02, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Pink is always an improvment.

    You did great on shopping Sam, and hahem hummm hem...When do you plan to try your hand at thoses beautiful tools?


  • At 22/7/05 08:55, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    dr. biggles of meathenge with HELLO KITTY PINK! LOOOOOL!

    PLEASE tell me you have the hello kitty waffle maker that is not only pink with miss meow's face on it, but MAKES wakkles the shape of her head.

    dr. b, you just made my day.

    also, i still do not see HOW that picture in the post comes from the picture of the glove!

  • At 22/7/05 08:59, Blogger Sam said…

    sarah - i will have to take another picture for you because
    that was the original pic - i took it very close up - macro - I didn't crop it after.

    i will try and do it at the weekend
    but it is very close in on the ridges

  • At 22/7/05 09:56, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You got an Orka! This makes me feel much better about only participating through comments - it still works! Very jealous of your pink - I got a blue set that came with two silicone hot pads at Costco. You know how much I love my Orkas, but yours are far more chic!

  • At 22/7/05 10:05, Blogger Sam said…

    Teri - chic it maybe but not very graceful.
    Any tips on how to be less clumsy when wearing my orka?
    I ruined a perfectly good cookie with a big Orka thumbprint!

  • At 25/7/05 06:33, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i also thought some alien knife, LOL. and then i thought -- hmmm, the pink could be solid -- something with shark teeth? but my brain stopped there. just be careful of any thin spots that still let heat through. eager to find out where you spend the rest of your money:)

  • At 25/7/05 10:40, Blogger tara said…

    Sam, I've had similar problems with my blue (and not as chic) orkas - especially on items that are filled to the edge of the pan like lasagnas, cakes and the like. I don't know if there is a secret to grace in those things or not ... Even the mini-mitt doesn't allow for alot of movement.

  • At 28/7/05 01:11, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Sam - I think you are doing great on your shopping. And I love the pink orka of course, I've only seen them in blue. (do you know that the 'real' one in Free Willy is called Keiko...). Can't wait to see other stuff!


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