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Be Rachael Ray for A Day: Dine & Dish # 4

This event has now officially closed and you can read the results here. But being Rachael Ray is so much fun, if you want to show off your home town on $40 a day, just go ahead and do it!

Rachael Ray: Love her or Hate her, this month you all get the chance to be her when you take part in Dine & Dish, the hottest monthly blogging event in the Foodblogosphere, started by the fabulous and inimitable Sarah of The Delicious Life. Your challenge, should you dare to bite, is to show off the best of your local dining on a a budget of just US $40 a day.

photograph picture Sam posing as Rachael Ray from her FHM magazine shoot
(Click on the picture to enlarge the photo, just don't look too closely at my belly, ok?)
First I have to blow some huge air kisses to Sarah down in LA. I want to thank her for inviting me to be the first ever Celebrity Guest Blogger (her words, not mine) to host Dine & Dish and for letting me take part in this photo shoot too. It's amazing what they can do in Photoshop these days. Look how white they made my teeth!

But what about Rachael Ray - just who is this cutesy little upstart anyway?
Although Rachael is fairly well known in the USA, foreign readers might need a small explanation. Ms Ray is a TV Chef who is much derided in some circles for her unrefined style whilst others argue that her detractors are nothing but food snobs. Either way you look at it, she must be raking in the money. Rachael hosts three shows on the Food Network. The first is a cooking show for which she makes 30 Minute Meals. In the second, Inside Dish, she visits the homes and kitchens of celebrities to discuss their favourite foods. For the third show, the one we are most interested for this month's challenge, Rachael visits cities all over the world and eats, as a tourist, on a $40 budget. At this point I have to confess that this is the only one of Rachael's three shows that I have actually seen. And even then, I only watched the San Francisco episode as a matter of curiosity. And what did I think? Firstly I thought - if I wanted to show off the best of San Francsico, I'd choose completely different places to eat. Secondly, I thought, "Hey, I could do that", and so, here I am doing it, and I want all of you to do it too!

How to be Rachael Ray For the Day...
Instructions for Participating in Dine & Dish #4:

This is the perfect chance for you to show off your favourite, good-value, eating-out options in your hometown. If you are travelling you can still take part, by being even more like Rachael and posting your entry from the point of view of a tourist.

So here is the deal - your Dine & Dish #4 blog post should cover a whole day's worth of meals eaten outside of your home - breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks (if you have enough money), including drinks, for the total sum of $40. Take out options are viable too. A sandwich in the park for lunch, will help keep your budget down and leave you more pennies to spend on dinner.

Make your post informative. Imagine it is being read by a tourist who wants to try out your choices. Pictures would be great if you can manage them. Link to the vendors' websites if they are available and make a note of the cost of each part of your meal.

(Shhhh! Nobody will know if you cheat a little and don't actually visit all the places on the same day, just make it look as if you did for the sake of your post.)

I think Rachael includes the tip in her budget, but we aren't going to enforce that here, because different countries and different people have different ideas about how much a tip should be. So just tip as extra, as you would normally do, and don't bother to include that part of the transaction in your post.

Click here for a currency calculator if you are outside the USA, to find out how much $40 equals wherever you are in the world.

Try and show off the good things about the area you are posting from. Rachael is nothing other than orgasmically happy about everything she consumes for $40 A Day and you should be the same.

Absolutely not: No taking vegetables home from the market and cooking a fabulous meal. This challenge is entirely about eating out and has nothing to do with eating in!

The Dine & Dish Deadline is Monday August 22nd. Please post your entry on, or just before, that date. Then send me an email with I AM RACHAEL RAY in the subject line.
Information I need in the email please:
Your name:
Your Location:
Your Blog Name:
Your Blog Url:
Your Blog Post Title:
Your Permalink Url for your Dine & Dish #4 post:
Your Final Budget Total:

email to becks dot posh at gmail dot com

PS.This edition of Dine & Dish is going to be the best ever $40 A Day. If you love her, you can be her. If you hate her, you can show her. Either way I am not quite sure how any of you will be able to resist this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend the whole day pretending you really are none other than Rachael Ray!

photograph picture of the Dine and Dish logo from Sarah at the delicious Life. Filed under Restaurant Review

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Be Rachael Ray for A Day: Dine & Dish # 4


  • At 18/7/05 08:08, Blogger eat stuff said…

    This is an AWESOME Dine and dish idea sam!

    $40 US in Australia? I will eat like a King! just watch me. You sure you dont want it to be $40 in equivelant local currancy?

  • At 18/7/05 08:35, Blogger Kevin said…


    This was too easy. So I combined $40/day and 30 Minute meals and had a french toast burger for breakfast. Then for lunch I had a Spam burger with quacomole. For dinner I started with hamburger margarita at a bar a cute little bag lady recommended and, instead of a burger, I had a sammy made of ground beef a bun. (I can't believe how cute I am -- simper.)

  • At 18/7/05 08:38, Blogger Alice said…

    Oh, boy, am I glad I don't live in Japan for this one! $40 a day in Japan would be a day of convenience store meals (although I suppose convenience store meals in Japan would make for an interesting cultural report as well...)

    Sounds like fun!

  • At 18/7/05 10:12, Blogger Stephanie said…

    I'm in, although I doubt I could ever be as perky as Rachel...

  • At 18/7/05 10:28, Blogger Rose said…

    Participating in this will make it my first food bloggin event (I've sat on the sidelines for the last few, not knowing whether I was up for it). But since I'm living in Taipei for the summer, this is more my speed and I'm taking up the challenge.

    Taipei is unbelievably cheap ($40? I can do delicious in under $20 easily)--though mainland China is even cheaper, I could pull off less than $5 in most parts of "Middle Kindgom"; alas, I'm living in the "renegade province".

    I could even throw in a full tea set at a Taiwanese teahouse and I'd still be under budget. Oh boy, now the ideas are just running a mile a minute through my mind!!!!

    Fabu concept Sam!

    Now, should we all photoshop ourselves to Ms. Ray? hee hee...

  • At 18/7/05 10:52, Blogger Guy said…

    Neat, something nice to read about Rachel. Thank you for not spewing the hate!

    What's for lunch?

  • At 18/7/05 11:15, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    sam, this is incredible!!! and i must say, i think you look sooooooo much better on the cover of FHM than ms ray! LOL! maybe now MAXIM will come knocking on your door ;)

    I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE ROUNDUP!!! - and to play, too, of course :)

  • At 18/7/05 11:38, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I would say. Indeed.

    It's a pity you changed only the head :)

  • At 18/7/05 11:57, Blogger Daily Gluttony said…


    now i have to practice my "mmm"'s and "de-LISH" and orgasmic faces so i can be just like rachel when i eat.

    SO looking forward to this!

  • At 18/7/05 17:15, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ¡mi dios! sammie ... rachael´s interviews are the MOST frustrating thing to watch. soooo painful. she did NAIL some good napa deals according to my older sister (who loves her) -- including getting v sattui right.

    -from cuzco, where a good pizza will set you back 3 bucks...

  • At 18/7/05 18:31, Blogger Jocelyn:McAuliflower said…

    Sam- get out of my head! Check out these other Rachel photos from the same set my Sweets and I were giggling over the other night...


    this one oddly enough almost looks photoshopped: photo2

    he wouldn't let me blog them :(

  • At 18/7/05 18:38, Blogger Jocelyn:McAuliflower said…

    doh! I see your post already links the other photos. :)

    Fun photoshop job you naughty nelly!

  • At 18/7/05 19:29, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…

    LOL Sam, this is an AWESOME post. I'm still smiling. Too funny because (having no TV reception and being at the mercy of an incredibly nice foodie pal who tapes me movies and Food Network shows), I have JUST discovered Rachael Ray. Even had lunch with her yesterday! I've seen two 30-minute meal shows and one $40 a day show in Italy (yum), so at least for once I know what everyone's talking about. I just had no idea that so many people hate her. I think she's fine (it's another perky one I can't stand, but no naming names here).

    Anyway, even though I never eat out around here, I am very tempted to enter this, as I know I could do quite well on the $40 budget. (In fact, I could probably go to the evening livestock auction and buy a little goat or something with the leftover money.) Of course everything would be fried. . . But after reading all the comments, I don't know. Some definite contenders there. Loved reading them. (But now I don't know how I'll be able to watch her anymore with the word "orgasmic" running through my head. . .) We'll see. Bottom line: you are a superb and entertaining and amazing blogger! And oh, a CELEBRITY! Thanks again for the laughs. Can't wait to read the round-up.

  • At 18/7/05 22:42, Blogger Jocelyn:McAuliflower said…

    go to the evening livestock auction and buy a little goat or something with the leftover money.) Of course everything would be fried.

    Oh poor goat.
    Poor tasty crispy goat...

  • At 19/7/05 07:42, Blogger Sam said…

    I can't believe nobody said anything about the MARMITE!!!
    That was Fred's idea and I thought it was hilarious of hi, to suggest it.

    Clare - eat like a king on $40 US, do. I think that will be an interesting aspect of the event - to see how far $40 gets you in different parts of the world. (If you can afford it, of course)

    Kevin - I still can't get used to the US term 'sammy' for 'sarnie'. It's scary, I keep thinking people want to eat me.

    Alice - the Japanese experience would certainly be an education for us all. Are you sure you don't want another visit just for the sake of being Rachael?

    Stephanie. As someone who has been known to be called "Ms Negative", I don't think I can be as upbeat as her either. But for a day - I sure am going to give it my best shot!

    Rose - It will be great if you take part, especially as I am sure few of us know much about Tapei. And, photoshop away, I say. I hope to have another shot at transforming myself for the $40 a day post.

    Dr Biggles - I totally have no strong feeling about Ms Ray so I can deal with her from an objective point of view. Either way - the $40 A Day concept one is a fun one for all us bloggers to explore.

    Sarah - I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it. I can't imagine your post will be anything less than spectacular!

    Del - I am with you. Even though I probably need to go on a little diet before I pose for a spread in Maxim, I prefer my own hourglass shape to Rachael's pear/pair.

    Pam - be careful the wind doesn't change whilst you are practising your gurning :) 8( ;P

    Anonymous - but is the Costco pizza really that good? Which flavour is best?

    Ristaratore - Thanks for taking part. Thanks for the mention! I checked out your site. It will be interesting to follow the thoughts of a resteranteur as opposed to a chef or a customer or wait staff. I am prepared to be intrigued!

    McCauliflower! I think Rachael must have purposely wheedled her way into the food blogging community collective consciousness this week. The photoshop was fun - I can't wait to do some more! Maybe over a plate of crispy-fried goat?

    Farmgirl. I am so glad you managed to see a few episodes so you know what Rachael is all about. I am going to have to watch a few more as research for writing my post, I think. You could always go ahead and write a pseudo-post if you don't actually want to do it. But a 'photo of the day' of a baby goat would be cute, huh.

  • At 19/7/05 08:08, Blogger eat stuff said…

    wild plans are already hatching in my evl brain ...muah ha aha ha

    just have to convince the boy now ;)

  • At 19/7/05 09:59, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    sam the marmite was the first thing I noticed and it really gave me a good laugh

  • At 19/7/05 13:10, Blogger Rose said…

    I have no idea whether this is proper blog etiquitte or not, so correct me if I'm being impolite.

    Can we use the dine and dish banner (with the spoon) in our post? Is this copyrighted in some way?

    Just checking :-)

  • At 19/7/05 14:34, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…

    Okay, I'm having way too much fun considering this thing hasn't even started.

    Mcauliflower--I just laughed so hard reading your crispy fried goat comment I literally spit on my computer screen! That was hysterical. Now there's this whole goat thing going, and I only said it because I already have sheep, and I knew I wouldn't have enough money left over to buy a cow.

    Sam--and now I'm going to have to stop at the farm down the road and try to photograph one of their baby goats! Oh, then I'll probably have to tell about the time I drove by and this poor little baby goat was standing in the middle of the road. You can't just drive by something like that. Well, I can't. (Actually, now I can, but then I couldn't.) Anyway, here I am on one of the oh, four days a year I wear a decent dress, trotting along the highway, trying to catch a baby goat. Fortunately no one saw me. Yes, I did eventually get it back in the pen--ungrateful little thing. Hmmm. So I wonder how you would go about frying one? : )

  • At 19/7/05 14:37, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…

    P.S. Sam,
    We're all way too polite to mention your Marmite addiction to your face. . . we only talk about it when you're offline.

  • At 19/7/05 16:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    feel free to post the dine and dish banner on your blogs! a fork! a fork! it's a fork! LOL!

    and hooray for you ho saw the marmite!

    do you think we could also do interviews with celebrities but not let them talk, just like rachael does, too?!??! LOL!

  • At 21/7/05 07:26, Blogger Rachael Narins said…

    Great idea! I love it.

    I just wish she didnt spell her name with the extra A. The spelling was sort of original, (or at least, highly Judaic, which I sense, she is not) and then she came along...I may have to change my name to Audio Science...

  • At 21/7/05 07:47, Blogger Sam said…

    clare - if you have any problems with the boy - do it when he isn't looking

    mum - You and Beccy are probably the only other people I know who appreciate marmite the way I do

    farm girl - very funny. The thought of things I don't know about going on when I am not online - that's kind of interesting.

    Rose - like Sarah says - help yourself to the silverware

    Sarah - mums are the best.
    Fantasy Celebrity interviews - another great idea.

    Rachael - I would prefer to call you Jermajesty or Pilot Inspecktor. Great link - famous people - money than sense it would seem!

    PS one of my best friends growing up was called Rachael, so it is natural to me. WHen they miss out the A it looks like there is something missing - which might suit Ms Ray better.

  • At 23/7/05 08:32, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is a gorgeous idea, Sam! I can't wait, and I'm totally thrilled that we'll be back from our various summer jaunts (including SF!) and will have enough time to make it happen. Trust me, the NYC spots I'll pick for my $40 wouldn't be the ones Rachel would know...

  • At 28/7/05 23:48, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Can I just say that we are so stoked for this D&D. We were horribly late on the last one (wicked, evil july interfered with everything!), but not this time, we promise! Besides, we live in a tourist destination so it's the perfect place for a 40$ a day episode. (Not to mention this gives us restaurant worker types an opportunity to bitch about how bad Rachael tips!)

  • At 30/7/05 19:22, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sorry, Alice, but it would be really no problem to eat on 4490 Japanese yen (which is what the currency checker said today). I live here in the land of ramen and udon lunches and local restaurants offer "set" menues that usually are no more than 1500 yen and include miso soup, tea, small salad, perhaps tempura'd shrimp and vegetables, as a main course with rice and pickles,all in seasonal variations. Right now there is also gorgeous smoked soya-grilled eel available in the supermarkets along with freshly-made sushi rolls, tuna sashimi,and for dessert, juicy white peaches,tiny early mikans and yellow watermelon.

  • At 15/8/05 21:20, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Today is going to be my Rachael Ray day! Nothing in the fridge, fed up with cooking, more grey sky( so no prancing about in a bikini licking chocolate off spoons) but definitely something to look forward to.
    -Rs 168 in the pocket i.e. $4 which should be enough for three good meals . Lets see how it goes..

  • At 16/8/05 10:35, Blogger Sam said…

    that's AMZINGLY cheap
    I can't wait to see your particular entry.
    It's going to be a great social commentary on prizes around the world!

  • At 22/8/05 05:07, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Sam
    This was fun. I love any excuse to eat!
    Here's my entry and I'm looking forward to the international round-up. I love armchair travelling!

  • At 25/8/05 11:19, Blogger Amy said…

    So I'm really, really late! Can I still play? I scoff at $40 a day.

  • At 8/9/05 09:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love Rachel. I wouldn't miss her show for anything. My hubby and I watch every night her back to back episodes and I have printed out and used many of her recipes. Instead of all those bloggers so jealous of her. I would like to know more about her and her wedding coming up. Also, where to buy the pots and pans she uses. COME ON...SOME MORE ON RACHEL...WE LOVE HER XOXOXOXO

  • At 23/11/06 21:32, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Rachael,
    I love you and I watch you a lot.
    I'm a good cook myself and would love to be your assitant. Fact I wish you were my girl

  • At 28/7/07 09:42, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't see what the big deal is about Rachel posing for FHM. So what if she doesn't bake? I love this woman just the way she is. Her husband is truely blessed to have someone like her.

    -Cannibal Fan of Rachel Ray


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