Sunday, June 12, 2005

Utensibility: Me Me needs You You!

Yeah, oh yeah, baby, I've invented a meme. Don't worry it's a one off, so no need to worry about your diary getting even more crammed full with more monthly must-dos for years to come. I just need you all to help me spend $300. Yes, my lovely mum and dad sent me a wonderful present - a $300 voucher to spend at Sur La Table. Thanks a million, mum and dad, you are both brilliant!

photograph: picture of a gift certificate from Sur La TableI was going to ask for a Williams Sonoma voucher but Shuna told me in, no uncertain terms, that Sur La Table is the better place for the more serious cook. And, oh boy, I am serious. Can't you tell? Shuna does do work for SLT sometimes so maybe she is biased, but if you met her, you would undoubtedly trust her opinion on such things. I certainly do.

Anyway, on to the meme which I am struggling to find a good name for right now. Utensibility? Essential Utensil? Blinded with Appliance? I think Utensibility is the winner. As you have no doubt guessed, it is a play on the word sensibility which means to be sensitive, responsive and aware. Cooking is a sensitive pastime so it is crucial our appliances are responsive to our needs in the kitchen. (I know, I know, tenuous tie in there, don't give me a hard time, please.)

So - what am I asking you all to do? Please create a post about the one splurge utensil that has a pride of place in your kitchen. Something you love, something you use often, something you would wholeheartedly recommend that your fellow food bloggers invest their money on.

Photograph it, wax lyrical about it, and then post it up on your site during the last week of June (Monday 27 through Friday 1st). Send me the details of your postonly after reading Sam's very important Meme Guildlines for details of how to do that. At the beginning of July I'll gather up all of your glorious suggestions and publish the round-up (as well as go shopping on all of your suggestions).

As footnote you can, if you want, add a small change item too. A bargain basement favourite thing that is your trusty companion whenever you cook. The value of the secondary item should not exceed $25, but the sky is the limit with the monetary value of your main appliance choice.

It will be fun to see what everyone comes up with. The round up should read as The Food Blogging community's guide to the best kitchen appliances. What a valuable resource we will all create. I do hope you decide to join in.

It must be "Meme Sunday". Check out Nicky's The Cook Next Door meme at Delicious Days too and then think about your answers while you sit back and wait for your invitation.

This Day in 2004 on Becks & Posh: Hayes Street Grill, San Francisco

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Utensibility: Me Me needs You You!


  • At 12/6/05 12:53, Blogger Sam said…

    yeah! jackson starts food blogging. woo hoo. Jackson, everyone, is our mighty leader at SFist

    I do usually shop at SLT but as it was my birthday I think I was blinded by the Bling factor of Williams S.
    Thank goodness that Shuna brought me back down to earth.

    there must be such a wholesale, ppublicly accessible restaurant cookware store in SF. Anybody got a suggestion or a favourite?

  • At 12/6/05 20:14, Blogger Amy Sherman said…

    Well it's not exactly wholesale but City Discount 1542 Polk Street is really awesome. They have great stuff, the prices are very good and the owner Rita knows just about everything there is to know about cookware and utensils. There was an article on kitchen gear in the Chron a couple of years ago where she listed everything you might need if setting up a kitchen and looking for the essentials. Of course, that's not YOU Sam!

  • At 13/6/05 10:58, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'd like a store that just sells restaurant cookware, preferrably used, at something like wholesale prices. The sad reality is most restaurant supply places are gouge merchants.

    For big items go to auctions. When we opened everything in our place except for glassware and a few smallwares came from auctions. For smallwares and cool stuff you didn't know you needed SFites should go to Kamei on Clement St (between I believe 7th & 8th).

  • At 20/6/05 03:50, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Sam - even though I live in Britain, I'm a big fan of Sur La Table... You have such lovely parents indeed! I think I must participate this, but I don't know if I can choose just one thing!

  • At 27/6/05 11:09, Blogger Sam said…

    Hi teddlesruss.
    The link you have left is broken so please could you send it again, making sure you have the correct url. Please note, I have also asked people to enter using these very easy to follow guidelines.
    If you could help me out by emailing the details as requested, it makes the round up much easier to organise. Thank you for your understanding.


  • At 30/6/05 04:43, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    it's not in the SF area but i LOVE their catalog isn't fancy but they carry great stuff. and yes, any good restaurant supply store beats the mall-type ones.

  • At 30/6/05 17:01, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    No blog to post on (yet - in the works though) and I don't have an answer really, although I recently picked up an all clad windsor pan that I really like (I love making reduced sauces). With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that my real suggestion for you is the beautiful Mauviel Copper Saucier that adorns your wonderful gift card. I've been lusting after one of those for a while now. It's heavy, shiny, and has a wonderfully curled lip to make pouring a drip free affair. If you don't own a saucier you will be surprised at how well they work for a variety of tasks from risotto to soups to basic sautes. Think of it as a hybrid of fry pan, saute pan, saucepan, and mixing bowl - totally utensible (yeah i said it).

  • At 18/7/05 08:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Having worked at both WS and SLT, I would have to say that your parents denfinitely chose the right store. Much more in the way of usable, useful tools at SLT.


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