Monday, June 06, 2005

Tra la la la la - la la la la!

photograph picture of sam's 16th birthday with a chocolate Pierrot CakeIt's time to share a photo from the (very old) archives. If I only knew then what I know now. If I only had the same young skin I had then, now. Sweet sixteen and I had a Pierrot decorating my cake (made for me by the manageress of the bread shop where I worked on Saturdays).

Here is a question, no prizes this time.
Guess who was on my cake the following year?
Clue - teenagers like music.
Answer will be revealed tomorrow.

(No - Mum, Beccy and Fred - you are not allowed to enter!)

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Tra la la la la - la la la la!


  • At 6/6/05 07:21, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Michele sent me.

    My guess for the following year's cake...either Olivia Newton-John or Cyndi Lauper. (hard to judge the year there, that haircut was pretty common for quite a while!)

  • At 6/6/05 10:31, Blogger Gibby said…

    my guess is the edge. the cake looks like someone is wearing a hat. he is always wearing a hat (although this may be a recent thing, i'm no u2 expert).

  • At 6/6/05 10:37, Blogger Jennifer Maiser said…

    rick springfield?

  • At 6/6/05 12:25, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Happy birthday Sam. granny sends her love.
    I would love to give a clue as to your next cake but I wont spoil the fun. Enjoy your day xx

  • At 6/6/05 12:41, Blogger molly said…

    hmmm...Duran Duran?

  • At 6/6/05 16:33, Blogger Guy said…

    Put my vote in for the Ramones.

  • At 6/6/05 18:38, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I don't know for the cake, but you're very cute on that picture!

  • At 6/6/05 21:22, Blogger Fatemeh Khatibloo-McClure said…

    OK, I've narrowed it down to:

    1 - Blondie
    2 - Depeche Mode
    3 - Yaz
    4 - ABBA

    (If I'm close, I'll tell you how I got there!)

  • At 6/6/05 21:29, Blogger Fatemeh Khatibloo-McClure said…

    Oh, one more. Michael Jackson.

    But I've pretty much ruled out John Lennon, Spandau Ballet, Human League... but I think maybe it could still be Soft Cell... nah.

    It's also possible I've got your musical taste TOTALLY wrong, and it could be, you know, Diana Ross or something - but I don't think so.

    Anyway, my curiosity is CLEARLY piqued. Do give us the answer soon, please?

  • At 6/6/05 21:43, Blogger Guy said…

    OH !!! Billy Idol !!! Everyone LOVES Billy Idol

  • At 7/6/05 00:22, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    OK, it's not too far a stretch from
    Pierrot to Culture Club.

  • At 7/6/05 00:59, Blogger Rachael Narins said…

    Happy Birthday!

    I'm with has to be Duran Duran.

    Back up guess is Englebert Humperdink, but only because it makes me giggle to say his name...

  • At 7/6/05 01:55, Blogger dom said…

    Happy birthday Sam !!
    I came via Ang's blog

  • At 7/6/05 05:54, Blogger Estelle Tracy said…

    Joyeux anniversaire !

  • At 7/6/05 06:03, Blogger Lex Culinaria said…

    Happy birthday Sam. You're too young for Gary Glitter, so I'm guessing....Frankie goes to Hollywood. Robert Smith?

  • At 7/6/05 07:31, Blogger LeeLoreya said…

    mick jagger, kylie minogue, prince, i don't know. though it would probably have been easier for the baker if teenagers liked cartoons, like tom&jerry.

  • At 7/6/05 07:45, Blogger Sam said…

    Good guesses everyone. I had a laugh
    The following would have fitted:

    I used to be crasy about Blondie when I was 12. I didn't get into U@ until I saw them in my 30s.

    I am also a huge Depeche Mode fan.

    I liked Olivia NJ when I was 12 also, but it was really sad, I used to mimic Sandra Dee instead of her 'hot' look. Well, I was only 12.

    I don't even know who Rick Springfield is.

    I was stubborn about Duran Duran, preferring Spandau Ballet at the time. But now I love Duran Duran in retrospect.

    Michael Jackson - NO. Ramones, never. Abba - in restrospect only. Ramones - too American? Lennon and the Human League, I liked, Yaz, no, Soft Cell - not really.

    I actually saw Gary Glitter in concert when I was about 19. RObert Smith is cute, I saw him once at Glastonbury.

    Mick Jagger, he's ok, but I was never obsessed, Kylie is cute, but I am too old for her,

    True - Pierrot/Culture CLub is a good link - I am glad I didn't make it!

    I baked the cake myself, which is why no tom and Jerry!

    thanks everyone.


  • At 7/6/05 14:50, Blogger Jennifer Maiser said…

    Rick Springfield. I guess it was a US thing. :)

  • At 8/6/05 14:20, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Happy belated birthday! I'm on 6/6 too.

    Great blog! Biggles sent me over here, looking forward to stopping back.


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