Sunday, June 26, 2005

Simple Egg Sandwiches with Crisps

Simple? Do you really think a food blogger would simply be able to make an egg sandwich? Oh, no, no, no. At the very least she'd bake the bread, make the mayonnaise and rustle up a batch of homemade crisps (potato chips). If it was somehow possible, I think she'd go ahead and lay the eggs too...

photograph picture of Sam and Fred's homemade egg sandwiches

You might think she would have learned her lesson last time. Guess how many hours and how many eggs were wasted during Sam's vain attempts at making mayonnaise? Guess how many tears were shed? Guess how big the blister on her hand from all the whisking is? Guess how few minutes it then took Fred, once Pasta King, now Mayonnaise Master, to show her how quickly and successfully it can be done.

photograph picture of Sam and Fred's homemade egg sandwiches

Recipe for a simply perfect egg sandwich

You will need:
Freshly baked, white crusty bread, slightly warm.
Almost-Hard Boiled eggs, still slightly warm too.
Preferably, Mustard Cress. In CA Daikon Cress has to suffice.
Plain Salted crisps.[US potato chips]
Salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Thinly spread two slices of bread with some butter. In a bowl, use a fork to mash the warm, almost-hard boiled eggs with plenty of salt and freshly ground black pepper. Mix in mayonnaise until desired consistency is reached. Thickly spread the egg mayonnaise mixture onto the buttered bread and sprinkle with the cress. Serve with crisps and be careful not trip and fall in your rush to eat such a delicious lunch. You might end up with egg on your face.

PS. Thanks to everyone for the bread making tips last week. My skills as a breadmaker have improved three fold since I bought some fresh yeast and took on some of your other suggestions.

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Archive Alert! From May 2004 on Becks & Posh: Egg Sandwiches and Mustard Cress

For top quality we used delicious Marin Sun Farm Eggs. $6 a dozen from The SF Ferry Building Farmers' Market. Visit their website here

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Simple Egg Sandwiches with Crisps


  • At 26/6/05 22:56, Blogger Banlieue Blog said…

    Hi Sam!
    How do you like working with fresh yeast? I think there is so much more flavor in the loaf! Seems to be a great blogging community developing there in San Fran! sounds like fun~ I love all the references between blogs!

  • At 26/6/05 23:28, Blogger Rose said…

    Damn girl, you have such great photos! They're hot (probably literally too)...

  • At 27/6/05 03:12, Blogger Ana said…

    I usually have a pretty good success with the dry yeast but never tried the fresh. Kudos for you Sam! And the sandwiches look fabulous. I envy how you guys manage to take such great photos.

  • At 27/6/05 07:46, Blogger Sam said…

    thanks for the compliments about the photos. I don't think they are so much great, as the lighting is good. We decided to eat lunch on the deck so I had some great natural lighting.

    It's not actually as hot as it looks and it was a bit windy causing some of the crisps to lift off and fly.

    melissa - we do have a great blogging community here. Every week I find more local food blogs - I can hardly keep up. Just this weekend I bumped into Pim with her new beau, David, the top chef from Manresa at the Ferry Building, then we went to the Farmers Market where Dr Biggles of Meathenge was manning the Fatted Calf stand. Finally, last night, we met for dinner with Haddock and the GM from Knife's Edge. So, yes, you could say the community is coming along nicely.

    Ana - you should definitely try the fresh yeast. It keeps in the freezer just fine. No more dried yeast for me. Just the smell of the fresh stuff makes me go all gooey!

  • At 27/6/05 10:27, Blogger Elvira said…

    No doubt: it is perfect!

  • At 27/6/05 14:16, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…

    Those sandwiches truly look perfect! And the bread! The bread! Was this your second attempt? Well done you! Are you willing to share the recipe yet?

    As always, love the photos almost as much as your writing. Thanks for the smiles and the drool on the keyboard.

  • At 27/6/05 14:24, Blogger Sam said…

    Farmgirl - I would like to make a couple more batches before I share the recipe. As I rule i don't like publishing recipes which dont belong to me, but if I make them enough times, so that I can write them in my own words, then I dont think there is so much of a problem.

    I have actually made three loaves now, and each one has come out different, so I need to learn more about the consistency first.

    picture of loaf #2

    picture of loaf #3

    but the fresh yeast made a huge difference - so thanks for the encouragement with that.

  • At 27/6/05 20:22, Blogger Jocelyn:McAuliflower said…

    Ahhh the beauty of a good egg salad sandwich. I love it when the bread sticks to the roof of my mouth.

    A new variation I've tried not too long ago is to put mashed potatoes into the mixture... Rick Bayless does this with his deviled eggs.

    I love that you made your own bread and mayo!!

  • At 30/6/05 12:05, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sam, Thanks for the new perspective on the $6 eggs. They ARE worth every penny!

  • At 23/9/08 14:08, Blogger cinabar said…

    wow - that looks amazing


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