Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Rosé Revealed at Last.

The answers to my recent quiz are going to be forthcoming for a few more days yet. Here I reveal the answer to Question # 5

photograph picture of wine rose

You may remember I recently hosted Wine Blogging Wednesday, the subject was pink wines. I described my wine but didn't reveal its identity.

Our tasting notes: A very reddish pink with the indescribable fresh scent of summer tinged with a whisper of strawberry milkshake. It is elegant, dry and crisp with the slightest hint of the juice from a tin of strawberries. It slides across the tongue with such ease, that a whole bottle disappears before you even realise it's all gone.

The wine, as all my entrants correctly guessed, was a Grandes Serres Tavel Prestige '03 Priced: $10.99 from Beverages & More.

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The Rosé Revealed at Last.


  • At 1/6/05 16:56, Blogger Ang said…

    are you going to be 39 next monday too?

    How did you know??


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