Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Pinot Blanc ~ Apple Green

It's a Wednesday, and not just any Wednesday. It's Wine Blogging Wednesday #10 hosted by My Adventures in the Breadbox. The theme this month is any White Pinot. I had planned to bend the rules by choosing a white wine made from red pinot grapes (ie Chardonnay-free Champagne), but my sneaky plot was thwarted by the fact the wine shop I visited to make my purchase was out of any such thing in white. They had pink, but I think we all had enough of pink last month. The merchant suggested to go straight for a Pinot Blanc instead. You can't get a whiter Pinot than that!

photograph picture of Vin D'Alsace Pinot Blanc 2002 Vin D'Alsace Appellation Controlee DIRLER Pinot 2002. Mis en bouteille a propriete. Cuvee Vielles Vignes. Servir frais.
Eye: Pale, golden, lemon, straw
Legs: Long and lythe.
Nose: Apple candy, cotton wool, melon and a mere hint of licquorice.
Tongue: Easy drinking, not too dry, not too fruity, rounded and whole. Cider, calvados.
Fred: "It's actually a really good wine. I like it. It stays in the mouth, it's powerful, it is really, really, good. How much is it?"
Sam: $20.00 from the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchants.
Fred: "Oh, it's expensive."

Pinot Blanc Notes from
A white grape which is grown in Alsace, where it is sometimes referred to as Clevner or Klevner, and in Germany and Austria, where it is known as Weisseburgunder. In Italy it is called Pinot Bianco and is planted widely in Friuli-Venezia, the Alto Adige and the Veneto. It is the workhorse grape of Alsace, where it is used to make varietal Pinot Blanc, is part of the blend for Edelzwicker, and is increasingly the main component of Cremant d`Alsace. It lacks the aromatic qualities of other Alsatian grape varieties and may not be used for the production of Grand Cru or late harvest wines.
At its best it produces light to medium-bodied, crisp dry white wines with hints of apples, honey and yeast and a refreshingly pure and clean finish. It normally sees no oak.

At this point I just wanted to stop and thank Lenn at Lenndevours for starting this wine blogging meme and encouraging beginners like me to take part. I really have been learning a lot and gaining confidence in my wine tasting abilities. Additionally it has given me the chance to taste wines I wouldn't even normally consider. I always try and make sure to do my own tasting before I read any of other peoples' notes about the wine. It gives my confidence a boost when I detect apples and then read online that this wine has hints of apples.
Wine Blogging Wednesday - a most delicious educational journey!

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Pinot Blanc ~ Apple Green


  • At 8/6/05 13:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sounds delicious Sam.

  • At 8/6/05 16:11, Blogger Sam said…

    Lyn, really, everyone is really understanding. I know what you mean, though, I was totally intimidated on my first couple of IMBBs, even, let alone my first WBW. But really - it is all about discovering how to do it and gradually I am learning about which wines I like and which I don't care for so much. So, regardless of what anyone else thinks of what I think, I am building my own wine information library just for me. Go for it next time, and I'll raise a glass to that!

    Barbara - I have to confess I was rather taken with your English Muffins!

  • At 9/6/05 09:17, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sounds like a good choice! I also think $20 is kinda expensive, but some wines are definitely worth it. :)

  • At 10/6/05 09:15, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    sam, i also join in with your thanks to lenn - this has really given me a chance ot learn how to enjoy wine (besides just appreciating the nice litte buzz :) )...and share your sentiments about how understanding everyone is about people who are still (relatively) new to wine appreciation.


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