Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It was David Bowie!

(regarding the answer to the birthday cake question posed in yesterday's post)
photograph picture of sam's 17th birthday cake decorated with David Bowie from the Ashes to Ashes era

It was David Bowie, copied from a picture of him in his 'Ashes to Ashes' period. I was more than a little bit fond of him in my youth. Actually, obsessed from the age of 14 onwards might be a better way of putting it. Thanks to all the great guesses. There were some really close ones in there, as some that were way off the mark.

back of photograph picture of sam's 17th birthday cake decorated with David Bowie
Euro date format. Day, Month, Year. Hmmm - I guess I must have made my cake a day early back in '83.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday yesterday so wonderful. My sister and her kids for calling me from Ireland and, together with Jools, sending me an Avoca recipe book. My work colleagues for taking me out for lunch. (A girl feels good when she is taken out by 7 guys, I can tell you). My mum for calling me and sending me a Sur La Table gift card from her and my dad. Fred for surprising me with a new mobile phone and thanks to P, who is out of town, for leaving me a beautiful set of handmade champagne glasses. Thanks to Viv for preparing pictures of my Seattle favourite, Cafe Campagne's Oeufs en Meurette for me to look at as well as sending me some great CDs.
Thanks to all my friends for taking me out to dinner at Aziza. Vinny for kindly driving us miles across the other side of town and flying us back home down Gough. (Did his wheels actually touch the ground?) Ian for making it out despite being ill at the weekend. Thanks go to MB & D, my first friends to dip their toes into the restaurant business (their new venture Tres Agaves, a high-end Tequila bar and Kitchen is due to open in September) for their gift of a torch for bruleeing my creme. Presd & Del are not only to be thanked for the cute little pink mixing bowls and the gorgeous glossy pie dish. I have to give an extra shout to Del for dedicating a beautiful blog post just to me. Thanks to Katja for the beautiful velvet throw that is going to keep me warm on these cold, San Francisco summer nights and to E for the cute pink tee which I will be able to make use of when/if the bad weather makes an exit. And finally, thanks to Hans, the big guy, for turning up. I thought he was out of the country - but he made it, for the evening, just to surprise me?
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It was David Bowie!


  • At 7/6/05 09:52, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That's great. At our restaurant we have 2 kitchen printers. You can add your own header to the orders, which might usually say something like Station 1, or Salad Printer, etc. Ours read Bowie and Bolan.

  • At 7/6/05 09:55, Blogger Sam said…

    oh yes! I am Telegram Sam

  • At 7/6/05 11:54, Blogger Sam said…

    I did think about mentioning him but left him out cos I didn't speak to me on the phone. I will add him in, sorry!

  • At 7/6/05 14:31, Blogger Alice said…

    Happy Belated Birthday, Sam!!

  • At 7/6/05 18:57, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sam, that cake is AWESOME! So rocks!

    Happy birthday one day late!

  • At 7/6/05 21:35, Blogger shuna fish lydon said…

    I think that what Haddock said was ________(expletive deleted) hysterical!

    And I think it's so brave and cute that you put a photo of yourself as a youngin'! Happy Happy delicious & delightful birthday to you!

    I feel I can always trust a person who was obsessed with David Bowie...

  • At 8/6/05 09:55, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I should also add that every new cook always asks "what does that mean?"

    If ya have to ask....

  • At 8/6/05 17:22, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I bet you could make a really great Aladdin Sane cake. Do it. Do it

  • At 9/6/05 09:49, Blogger Sam said…

    Maybe next year for my 40th.
    At which point I will probably be feeling a little insane

  • At 9/6/05 10:59, Blogger Cate said…

    Happy Belated Birthday, Sam! Hope it was a good one. :)

  • At 10/6/05 05:23, Blogger Jeanne said…

    Hi Sam

    And a belated Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a ball - it certainly sounds as if you did... Loved the cake pics! I think the last themed cake I had was when I was about 10 and it was chocolate & hedgehog-shaped. Man, I loved that cake...!

  • At 10/6/05 07:08, Blogger Sam said…

    Jeanne - I used to be childhood queen of the the themed cake, believe me. I had a bit of a reputation after being inspired by my girl guide leader at the age of about 12. Maybe it is time for another. I didn't have any cake this year :( so I have an excuse.

  • At 10/6/05 14:10, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    happy 29th birthday!!! (i turn 29 every year, too ;) ) and yes...this is your birthday MONTH! i can't believe you didn't have a CAKE! which probably means you also didn't have ice cream. the horror! *shudders*


    whatever it is, NO WORK!!!

    happy birthday again!


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