Tuesday, May 24, 2005

We Have a Winner!

I am happy to announce the winner of my recent quiz to win a $60 Amazon Voucher.
Congratulations to Ced of Le Blog de San Francisco who got every answer correct and was the closest to guessing the tiebreaker too.

Commiserations to my two runners-up. Yes, how pathetic is that, I only had three entries. (Meaning my quiz must have been pathetic, not my readers, of course). The non-winners were both so, so close getting just three questions 'not quite right' between them. The second prize of a copy of Ruth Reichl's latest book goes to Teri. And because Linda of Kayak Soup was pipped at the post by a mere whisker, I have decided to award her a small prize too.(To be decided.)

Thank you for taking part! I will reveal the answers, one at a time, over the next few weeks in my posts.

photograph picture for book review of Ruth Reichl's Garlic and Sapphires

Ruth teased me, I wanted more
It took me over half of the book to warm to Ruth. I felt too many times she built up a scenario and left me hanging, wanting to know more. I was desperate to find out what happened... If there was ever any comeback from the obnoxious charity couple? How the Dan, the lawyer from LA who she duped on a date with her sexiest Chloe disguise, reacted to finding out he had in fact been dining with the NYT critic he had described as an 'idiot'? What the Chinese restaurant who had diligently faxed menus back & forth felt when Ruth was forced to unceremoniously dump them for some other venue, despite their going to so much effort to please her?
It is a light, entertaining read and charming enough. But my appetite was whetted and I craved more gritty details.

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We Have a Winner!


  • At 24/5/05 08:36, Blogger Amy Sherman said…

    Your quiz was a killer! Are you going to share the answers for the rest of us losers?

  • At 24/5/05 08:49, Blogger Sam said…

    Yes I will.
    But you will kick yourself when I tell you that every answer (apart from the blogger of the week ones which could be found in the blog roll) could be googled.
    That's the only reason I managed to get 3 such great entries, I think.
    Ced can correct me if I am wrong, and he in fact personally knew all those obscure food locations around the world off the top of his head.

  • At 24/5/05 09:28, Blogger Alice said…

    I agree with Amy - your quiz was HARD, Sam! I only knew the answer to one of your questions, and that was only because the answer was a Japanese blogger!

  • At 25/5/05 00:55, Blogger Ced said…

    Woooow. Thank you!

    You are correct, I knew from the top of my head only the first location. That what got me hooked into the quizz. The two bloggers of the week I did not google, I looked for on your blogroll. Everything else, all I can say is: thank you, Sergei and Larry.

  • At 25/5/05 07:16, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sam, you shouldn't feel bad about the lack of entries - I'm sure it doesn't reflect the number of people who thought about entering (as I did) but then either ran out of time or assumed they'd never win. I think it's contrary to the nature of a blog (quick, casual reading) to entice readers into actually participating.

    And I am vastly reassured personally because we tried to run a weekly quiz last August and the most entries we got on any one was about ten (and the least was three)! If we start it up again I think I'll make it a lot easier as the commenters indicated they thought it was way too hard. (I did my best to choose questions that couldn't be googled!)

    And I can't wait to find out if I'm right about the wine question!!

  • At 25/5/05 21:51, Blogger Unknown said…

    Hey, how exciting that I was at least close! I am pretty sure that I know what I got wrong. Some of those were serious shots in the dark! (others were the result of some good googling). It was fun though.


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