Thursday, May 12, 2005

Quiz Question 6

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Question 6:
Name the Country where you'll find this vineyard. What kind of wine is it? Who reportedly chose it to toast in the millenium, her own golden wedding and her mother's 100th birthday?

Hold onto your answers until the quiz ends on Saturday when I will give you details of how to enter to win the grand prize of a $60 Amazon voucher to buy the cook book of your choice. Good luck searching for the answers! For questions 1 to 5 check the preceding posts. Entries will need to be in by midnight on Monday 16th May, PST.

Yesterday I hosted Wine Blogging Wednesday, a comumal, virtual wine-tasting with the theme Think Pink, Rosé wine. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with an entry. Sorry I do not have time to reply to you all individually just yet. I haven't had quite as many entries as I would have liked and as it might take me a little longer than usual to post up the results you still have time if you want to share a post with the world about pink wine. I'll be waiting for you. Round up will be on Saturday at the earliest.
Quiz Question 6


  • At 20/5/05 06:19, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Any place in the Bay Area to find this, or just in the place it comes from? I've been looking for it.

  • At 20/5/05 08:40, Blogger Sam said…

    i dont think you can get it. C'mon - people just laugh at the idea! K&L didnt know anything about it. I have a bottle in my fridge. I have to tell you though, I did a blind tasting with 10 friends (pitching against 3 other country's versions)and it faired really badly. I'd like to do another one with different people to see if I got the same results, or if the first bottle was a one-off bad one some time.

  • At 20/5/05 19:37, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ah.. I do know what it is and where it comes from. In fact, I've had another from the same part of the world that wasn't half bad -- comparable to CA versions. Picked up another one recently from a much further North vineyard (think university towns) although it was normally German varietal grapes, not the usual. Quite pleasant, and got steered away from the same winery's rose version. Didn't buy it in SF of course.

  • At 21/5/05 07:56, Blogger Sam said…

    Hey Joan - I am going to do a post about the blind tasting hopefully in the not too distant future.
    So you'll have to come back then and visit so we can discuss this subject openly. I really appreciate the effort you went to not to spoil the quiz. Thank you.
    I't a fascinating subject and I certainly would like to investigate it further, however it is not really possible from this side of the Atlantic.


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