Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Quiz Question 4 & WBW Reminder

photograph picture

Question 4: Name the Country, the City and the famous Restaurant where this picture was taken. This is where you can you enjoy glass of spa water drawn from the fountain pictured and listen to live piano music in a classic Georgian setting whilst you eat lunch or indulge in a little afternoon tea. This is the site of the only natural hot spring in the whole of the mystery country and it has been in use by the population for over 2000 years. (*Extra clue: This restaurant is famous in tourist circles, rather than in food circles.)

Hold onto your answer until the quiz ends next week when I will give you details of how to enter to win the grand prize of a $60 Amazon voucher to buy the cook book of your choice. Good luck searching for the answers! For questions 1, 2 and 3 check the preceding posts.

Don't forget - I am hosting Wine Blogging Wednesday, a comumal, virtual wine-tasting tomorrow with the theme Think Pink, Rosé wine. It might take me a little longer than usual to post up the results so don't fret if you are a day or two behind with your posts about pink wine. I'll be waiting for you.
Quiz Question 4 & WBW Reminder


  • At 10/5/05 07:29, Blogger Sam said…

    I think I have made the questions rather easy by adding clues. If everyone is finding them just too difficult, please let me know and I will try and add some more clues.

  • At 10/5/05 09:54, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    what a pity family can't enter. I could be persuaded to tell for a share of the prize !!!

  • At 10/5/05 20:45, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I know, I know. But it's far from the only natural hot spring in the mystery country. My daughter finally learned how to swim in another one.

  • At 11/5/05 07:20, Blogger Erin said…

    Whoops......answered the questions than read the rules. So sorry.....can't figure out how (if) I can delete/ edit my post. Again, apologies.....

  • At 11/5/05 23:49, Blogger Dive said…

    Been there, done that, almost got in trouble too for ignoring the signs!

    What's with you Brits and these quizzes?

    Whatever it is, Bruce and I sure had fun while we were in that neck of the woods a year ago, and quiz night at the pub(s) was surely a heck of a lot of fun!!

    Unfortunately, like this quiz, we were stumped for most of the questions. Oddly enough, we were in this town the night we horribly lost on the round that focused on British TV Cult Classics. Who knew?

    Having a handsome and extremely flirty Roman professor as our teammate was reward enough. Oh those eyes!


  • At 12/5/05 08:55, Blogger Sam said…

    Ignoring the signs?
    you didn't jump in for a swim did you?
    When I was a kid I dreamed of it. In the 70s they allowed it, my friends parents did it, at a party, imagine how fabulous/debauched?! but not anymore, sadly.

  • At 13/5/05 13:37, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I know this place. I was there 2 years ago but didn't jump in the green hot springs :0


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