Sunday, May 08, 2005

Quiz Question 3

photograph picture delicious food
The cafe overlooks a breathtaking panorama of beautiful formal gardens against a backdrop of stunning hills including Sugarloaf Mountain.

Which Country? Which Store? Which location?
This business, started in 1723 is the oldest surviving business in this European country. Since its humble beginning almost 300 years ago, the company now boasts award-winning cafés and foodhalls, best-selling cookbooks, designer clothing ranges and a garden centre. The cafe (and store) is wonderful and it's top of my list of places to visit whenever I am in this country. This particular location is in a stately home built in the early 1700s. The house was tragically consumed by fire in 1974 leaving only the walls standing. In an effort to make the estate a viable concern, it is now home to a number of commercial and leisure activities including the business that forms part of the answer to the third question in my ongoing competition.

Hold onto your answer until the quiz ends next week when I will give you details of how to enter to win the grand prize of a $60 Amazon voucher to buy the cook book of your choice. Good luck searching for the answers! For questions 1 and 2 check the preceding posts.
Quiz Question 3


  • At 18/5/05 20:08, Blogger Neel said…

    I think I know, but I am hanging onto my answer as you suggested.


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