Saturday, May 07, 2005

Bay Area Blogger of the week #7 ???

Seeing as I am too busy to blog properly for at least another week, I am having a quiz instead.

The Grand Prize is a
$60 Amazon Gift Voucher to spend on a recipe book of your choice

Question 2: Today's question is about this weeks featured local blogger. Who is it? This great local resource which is good-looking, informative and well-presented, featured Becks & Posh in posts on April 20th and May 8th. This blog even used mine and Fred's blog picture, so you'll know when you stumble across it. You'll find it in my blog roll. (Extra Clue: It's not all about food, you know.)

Don't be put off if you can't answer all of the questions, it's unlikely anyone will be able to. I will put in a few extra clues to help with my photographic questions. So even if you can't get them all, please go ahead and join in. For at least the next week, maybe a little longer, I will pose a question every day that I can. Collect as many of the answers as you can (don't post the answers in the comments unless you want to help everyone else) and at the end I'll ask you to email them to me.

There will also be a tiebreaker, to guess my overtime hours, in case there is a draw. There will be a separate, second prize too, (a once-read copy of Garlic and Sapphires : The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise by Ruth Reichl), for the person who is closest at guessing that number, regardless of how many questions answered correctly.

That's it for today, I am off to work now. Have fun searching through those local blogs. I think you'll enjoy today's Bay Area Blogger when you find it.

Family members and personal friends may not enter. All blogging friends may enter.
Bay Area Blogger of the week #7 ???


  • At 8/5/05 14:28, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thats discrimination!!

  • At 8/5/05 14:39, Blogger Sam said…

    But its fair discrimmination mum. Ok - you can enter, but I won't let you win, even if you get the most answers right. How's that?

  • At 8/5/05 16:36, Blogger kitchenmage said…

    i think it's SFist, which i am checking out now to verify but i want to be first... :-)


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