Thursday, May 26, 2005

Answer to Quiz Question #2

Less regular readers may not be aware that I recently staged an epic quiz on my site. Unfortunately, for most readers, the questions proved a little difficult, although we do have a Winner with a perfect score of 100. Over the next couple of weeks I will be revisiting the quiz and revealing the answers one at a time.

photograph picture of wine decanter filled with faux rose

My second question was about my featured Bay Area Blogger of the Week. Normally I reveal who it is, but for the purposes of the competition I left a few clues and hoped contestants would be able to find it in my blog roll.

The answer was Vivi's Wine Journal run by a local couple. Their is raison d'etre is this:
We've spent the better part of the last 12 years learning, tasting, and adventuring with wine. We have traveled to various wine regions but we consider ourselves "brought up" on California wine and really prefer the "New World" wines that often stand on their own. We consider ourselves part of a new generation of wine drinkers because you'll notice that if you've picked up wine as a hobby in the last 10 - 15 years then you're probably like us - raised on New World wines and prefer them to Old World classics.
Although I think I actually prefer the Old World Classics, I like their journal because it is down to earth, easy to read and nicely laid out. It's a place where people who are interested in wine, but are not totally confident in their ability to taste it yet, can hang out without feeling uncomfortable. If you didn't find them before, check them out now.

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Answer to Quiz Question #2


  • At 26/5/05 09:33, Blogger eat stuff said…

    Hi Sam, actually vivs journal featured you guys on the 21st of may

    but Food Musings did feature you guys on the 20th but there was no picture and I dont know about the 8th of may!


    clare (see I did try! )

  • At 26/5/05 19:38, Blogger Sam said…

    sorry about that. The may 8th one is definitely correct. The other one is 20th not 21st. Which means I made a typo or they edited their post. I think the problem was more like to be my mistake. Did it stop you from entering? I hope not. Let me know if it did. And thanks for trying!

  • At 26/5/05 21:17, Blogger eat stuff said…

    Hi Sam,
    Oh no it's ok... :) (eek! I hope I didnt make you feel bad.. I am sooooo sorry if I did!)

    I am just not as good a googler as I thought I was!

    I did think your contest was lots of fun! I enjoyed looking for the answers everyday :)


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