Friday, April 29, 2005

Made in France Warehouse/Village Imports Sale - April 2005 - Today and Tomorrow

photograph picture of Fermiere yoghurt with jam

There is Made in France/Village Imports Warehouse Sale taking place today and tomorrow at:
211 South Hill Drive Brisbane, CA 94005 415-562-1120
Friday April 29th (2:00pm - 6:00pm)
Saturday April 30th (8:30am - 1:30pm)

The 'La Fermiere' yoghurt pictured above, crowned with a dollop of Lolou's Garden Blood Orange & Rosemary Marmalade, is a must-have item from the sale. Sinfully delicious, plain yoghurt mixed with cream. What is there not to like? And you if you buy some you will start to amass a collection of cute little earthenware pots. They run out quickly of these heavenly delights, so get there early. An early visit is a good idea anyway - you will also be more likely to miss the potentially long lines

Other items we like to stock up on include ground almonds, Badoit mineral water, les Petits Suisse, d'Isigny salted butter, Valhrona, couverture and Cote d'Or. They have unfortunately stopped selling the 'olive oil & lavender soap' I recommended in the past. If Ced is reading this I am sure he will leave a comment recommending cachou lajaunie. Maybe he'll be able to explain to us what cachou lajaune actually is.

Take an ice box with you - to keep you cold items cool whilst you stand in that checkout line!

Visit the Made In France website here. Sign up for the mailing list so you can be notified about their next event.

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Made in France Warehouse/Village Imports Sale - April 2005 - Today and Tomorrow


  • At 29/4/05 07:43, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh, Sam! La Fermière Yaourt brings memories of shopping at Monoprix and breakfast on the Eurostar (this is the brand they serve). I always save a couple of the jars to bring back home for kicks (and measures). They are too cute and useful (heavy too!).

    Speaking of Blood Orange Marmalade, have you tried June Taylor's? I use a heaping tablespoon on my Greek yogurt and the combination of bitter and sour and creamy and chunky is just lovely.

  • At 29/4/05 09:26, Blogger Ced said…

    Here for more info on the cachous. I can't believe Fred did not explain.

    These tiny licorice-based sweets are still made in Toulouse, where they were invented by the pharmacist Leon Lajaunie in 1890. Dont let their size fool you, these sweets are extraordinarily strong and are a powerful breath-freshener. The trademark small yellow tin was invented by a clock-maker friend of Lajaunie, who designed it to fit in a watch-pocket. Too cute.

  • At 29/4/05 09:47, Blogger Sam said…

    now I come to think of it, I think I did ask Fred and he did tell me the last time, but he wasn't around when i wrote this blog post and my brain is like a sieve and i forgot.
    thanks for the info, Ced!

  • At 29/4/05 14:02, Blogger Ced said…

    I don't know how much they charge at made-in-france, but if it is reasonable, you should try a tin. (it is non-perishable, so you can stock up next time in France otherwise).

  • At 7/4/06 18:52, Blogger xtinehlee said…

    I just went today right at the sale's start...and it was a mad dash! But even so, the line was not too long, though it was interesting to be in one big flock (first the herbs, then the soaps, then back around to the chocolates, then the fizzy drinks, the freezer of delights (!) and then teh olive oils) wonderful. And I definitely love my La Fermiere yogurts and their little crocks.

  • At 18/12/07 02:07, Blogger Unknown said…

    The BEST yogurt EVER!! However, at $6 a pot (you have to buy a pair making it $12 total), I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth the cost? I mean, really! I can buy a meal instead of one pot of yogurt. Hmmm...


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