Sunday, April 10, 2005

Dinner for 12

Shortly, after I've printed out a menu and some kind of wine tasting form, I will be shutting off my computer to spend the day in the kitchen. It's just over a month since we moved into our appartment so we've invited some friends to join us for a house warming dinner. There will be 12 people so I've got my work cut out today. After our Christmas Dinner I wasn't sure I wanted to cook for that many people ever again. Today's dinner is a little bit easier and less involved. I'm not going to tell you what kind of food I'll be cooking, see if you can guess.

photograph picture of the spices and herbs used to make tikka paste for indian cooking recipes

Nearly of the 12 friends joining me tonight are a little bit mad for Champagne. So, I have also arranged a special Sparkling Wine Tasting. I have four good quality sparkling wines which I will be serving blind. Each is from a different country. I am intrigued to see how many spot the Champagne. I can't give any more away right now, incase any of my guests reads my blog today, but I will certainly be reporting back on the results later.

The newly Food Blog Scool already has 8 members signed up and a few comments have been left. This is going to be a great resource for all but the most tech-savvy bloggers, so please do head over there and check it out. I would love for it to become a place where food bloggers can hang out, ask any technical questions, from simple to complex, and spread knowledge freely. I look forward to seeing you all in the classroom.

Posts so far discuss using html code to create links when leaving comments and what is the best free visitor tracker
Dinner for 12


  • At 10/4/05 14:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    blind champagne testing?

    Whoao. I can't wait the results!


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