Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Colour Purple

Rucola, 59 Apsley Rd, Bristol BS8 2SW +44 (0)117 973 4892

Everywhere I went on my recent trip to Bristol, I was met by shades of the colour purple. Lilacs. Lavenders. Violets. Plums. Aubergines. Bristolians everywhere were wearing it. The white Bristol buses were decorated with pink and purple stripes. We saw purple artwork on the walls of a restaurant. Even the guys seemed to favour pale lilac coloured shirts.

photographs of Rucola restaurant in Bristol, England, in shades of purple

Rucola has a reputation for good breakfast and brunch. We just stopped in one morning for tea, coffee and a couple of hours of gossiping with my mum's ex work colleagues. The decor struck me. The shades of plum and lavender were beautiful. Check out the designers here.

(Did I come back to the USA with something new and purple for my wardrobe? Oh, maybe. Thanks mum!)
The Colour Purple


  • At 5/4/05 10:19, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    More than any coulour, purple is THE English coulour...It's one of the first synthetic coulour ( after Prussian Blue) to be created. That tint was very popular during the Victorian period, and still part of the English culture maybe?

    Plum is one of my favourite coulours and your wear it beautifully!

  • At 5/4/05 13:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What a lovely image composition! Needless to say, I love purple and plum... ;)

  • At 5/4/05 15:49, Blogger Cathy said…

    Just popping in to second Nicky's kudos - that's a great little collage!



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