Sunday, April 03, 2005

Bay Area Blogger of the week #3 Marga's Foodblog

East Bay Feasts

Although there are quite a few Bay Area Food Bloggers who live in the East Bay, there aren't so many who concentrate on sourcing food and restaurants in that neck of the woods, especially in further away places like San Leandro and Castro Valley. Marga is an exception to the rule. Her well-organised blog with easy to navigate categories is a must-read for anyone dedicated to finding great food in the East Bay. Check out Marga's Food blog here

I like Marga's mantra, I say what I want, it matches my own, precisely.
Bay Area Blogger of the week #3 Marga's Foodblog


  • At 3/4/05 15:57, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Is it your exact mantra "I say what I want"? And sure you do!

    My family's ancient devise is " libero animo", and I made it mine. It means; "my soul is free"...not so far from yours.

    :) I enjoyed last evening very much. You're a nice fairy!

  • At 3/4/05 16:12, Blogger Sam said…

    When I wrote that, I was thinking of my blog mantra, meaning I decide to speak the truth about the restaurants/food I feature on this site. I am not tied by sponsorship or advertising that might influence what I say. I am not employed to write this blog (as a restaurant critic is), therefore I have no one to dictate my style or content. I can say what I please, negative or positive, but if I want my readers to trust me, I cannot lie. So, although I say what I want, I would like to add that I want nothing more than to say the truth as I see it.

    We had fun last night too, except today I have a cold which is miserable. I hope I didnt give it to any of you. That would be one present too much.


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