Saturday, March 05, 2005

Today at San Francisco's Ferry Building Farmer's Market

Thank you to the farmer who is clearing out his leek patch to make way for the tomatoes. Today the tiniest, little baby leeks were available. They were even smaller than the fresh green garlic. Click on the picture to make them look a little bigger.

You thought carrots were just orange, right? Wrong. Carrots can be red, pink, peachy or golden yellow too. Click on the picture to check out the carrot rainbow in more detail

Did you check out the recent First Annual 2005 Independent Food Festival Awards? Jeanne, at World on a Plate awarded a Best Use of a Tortilla honour to Cocina Primavera, one of the stands in the market who make tasty Mexican takeout plates. Jeanne's post inspired me to try them out for this morning's breakfast. I took a plate of their spicy, delicious huevos rancheros topped with two perfectly cooked eggs, a pumpkin seed topping and creamy, delicious slices of avocado. I sat on a bench to devour it, looking over the water to the industrial part of the East Bay, but daydreaming about warmer, sunnier times last year in Playa del Carmen. The style of the food conjured up that happy memory.
Today at San Francisco's Ferry Building Farmer's Market


  • At 5/3/05 16:31, Blogger debbie koenig said…

    Sam, I'm incredibly jealous that your markets have such beautiful and abundant-looking produce this time of year! The year-round Saturday farmer's market down the street from me has nothing but some cold-storage apples right now. Most of the farmers don't even show up between December and April or May. It's ever so disappointing.

  • At 6/3/05 00:55, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What about the original purple carrots do you get those ??

  • At 6/3/05 08:57, Blogger Sam said…

    Mum - some of us are too young to remember any such thing as original purple carrots.

    Debbie - Yes, hardly a day goes by when I don't remember how lucky I am to be able to live in California.

  • At 6/3/05 19:25, Blogger Niki said…

    Aren't the vegetables in the first picture actually spring onions, which people in Sydney (mistakenly) call shallots? Other countries call them scallions, I think?
    Actually, thinking about it, spring onion could well be baby sort of makes sense.

  • At 6/3/05 20:01, Blogger Sam said…

    SFC - these may well have been the last of the bunch. I hope they still have some next week for you.

    Hi Esurient - they are actually baby leeks. Not the same thing as green/spring onions/scallions which look similar but are much smaller. I also bought some green garlic which also looks like these leeks. Very confusing - but they all taste different!

  • At 7/3/05 17:43, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Sam - beautiful pictures! I'll definitely visit this market one day...

  • At 12/12/07 11:09, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Do you prefer the market on Tuesday or Saturday? I'm planning an outing for a friend.

    another Sam

  • At 12/12/07 12:15, Blogger Sam said…

    Hi Sammi - I never go on Tuesdays because I work outside the city. SO I can't really make a comaprison for you - sorry.
    If your friends go on Saturday I would recommend they arrive at 8am to get the local vibe and beat the tourist madness.


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