Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Il Davide - San Rafael - Marin

901 A St San Rafael, CA 94901 (415) 454-8080

Il Davide Italian Restaurant San Rafael

When I think about it, it's odd that, until now, I have never blogged about Il Davide. When I first met Fred almost two years ago, Il Davide was probably the first place we went to lunch together. He would take me there at least twice a week. I am sure I have eaten in this classic Italian at least one hundred times. Unlike Fred who is a creature of habit, I am far more fickle, always in need of new experiences, change and variety. After a while I had to limit our visits to once a week. Once I had eaten my way around the entire menu several times I had to limit our visits even further and now we only pop in for lunch once every three weeks or so.

Il Davide Italian Restaurant San Rafael Orrechietti

The result of dining here less often is that I am much better disposed in my feelings towards Il Davide now. Although nothing they have on their menu is ever likely to suprise me, I now look forward to our less regular visits.

Fred rarely detracts from an order of Il Davide's Orrechietti served with a ragu of veal, prosciutto and herbs in a light tomato cream sauce (pictured above). Although this dish is usually too rich for me to consume at lunch time, I can vouch for the fact it is delicious. I can see why he loves it so much. Fred hastens to add, however, that this dish is not always consistent. He can tell if it is a freshly made batch or not. For the record, Fred told me he prefers it when it arrives a little older, after it's had time to develop its flavours, when it's been reheated and is a little more crispy and well cooked.

Other dishes I am fond of at Il Davide include their fresh seafood pastas specials, their tuna sandwich on foccacia, their crab ravioli and their lamb salad.

At lunch, all of the pastas are a set price of $11.95 including a soup or a salad.
Il Davide - San Rafael - Marin


  • At 2/11/05 12:38, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Thanks for the tip on Il Davide. I looked at their website and found lots interesting items. Perhaps you should ad this reference to your article. To get there go to


  • At 8/11/05 18:31, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you guys are so incredible you have been open for 10 years and still the best in marin

  • At 6/9/06 09:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I too love Il DAvide. I disagree with Fred's friend, The Orchiette is, as is everything else, made to order. I frequent the restaurant often and have asked. I find the service and food consistanlty exfellent and consistant!

  • At 6/9/06 09:36, Blogger Sam said…

    anon - Fred would not disagree with you in thinking the orchietti i excellent, but I can not believe that it is made to order for each customer.

    can you really see the chefs starting with raw ingredients each time a customer orders it?

    Considering the speed with which is comes from the kitchen, it must have been made in advance, and that is not a bad thing, since the flavours develop better over time and is what we would expect.

  • At 16/5/09 23:08, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love the fact that the Owner / Chef David Haydon is back!


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