Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I am sitting at Bristol Airport waiting for a delayed flight to Dublin. Here is a picture I took earlier of some delicious Dorset Blue Cheese we bought at the Bristol Farmer's Market this morning.

The white part of the cheese is milky and crumbly almost like a Wensleydale. But, of course, the blue veins give it a much stronger punch.


  • At 24/3/05 10:04, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I want to go to Europe toooooooo bouhouh.

    It's amazing how your pictures let's figure out the taste of this delicious cheese. I want it with port and grapes, oh please!

  • At 24/3/05 14:17, Blogger Guy said…

    Wensleydale?!?!?!? THAT'S WHAT WALLACE HAS ON HIS CRACKERS !!!

    Not sure how Gromit feels about the Wensleydale.

  • At 24/3/05 16:16, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sam - I'm glad you're having a great time...


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