Monday, March 07, 2005

Fritz Vintage 2002 Mendocino County Carignane

Just over a year has passed since Barbie dumped Ken. Ever wondered how our single girl is doing these days? Here at Becks & Posh we can reveal, exclusively, that Barbie has recently found her match with new man Fritz.

Fritz's Carignane is made from an unusual grape. Normally he would blend in with the rest of the crowd, but on occasion, he stands on his own, proud to be a Carignane. So just what is it about him that appeals to our doll?

For starters, he's a beautiful colour, a really deep, pinkish, magenta red. As we all know Barbie loves the colour pink. A glass of Fritz Carignane reflects the wine, like a pair of rose-coloured spectacles, projecting the same colours you'd find in Barbie's wardrobe and decorating her fleet of automobiles.

And what young lady doesn't like the smell of raspberry milkshake, candy and marshmallow? Barbie feels giddy when surrounded with Fritz's sweet perfume. It reminds her of all the things she'd like to eat, but can't, because she doesn't want to gain another millimetre of plastic unless, of course, she can guarantee it would end up on her already ample breasts.

Fritz looks good, he smells good and he tastes good too. His perfume is an honest one. Barbie enjoys the same raspberry milkshake flavours she detects in his aroma, every time she guzzles him down.

But what is that one extra, special, something spark that really sets this perfect relationship aside from all the others? I'm going to let you into the secret of their new romance. The real reason Barbie and Fritz Carignane are a match made in heaven is because

Neither of them has any real body!

This observation was born of an Obscure Red Grape Varieties wine tasting for World Wine Blogging Wednesday, this month being hosted by Spittoon.

We paired the wine with a beef, green garlic, carrot and artichoke stew, horseradish mashed potatoes and garlic stir-fried arugula rabe. Although we really quite liked the taste of this unusual grape, the Carignane was too thin to stand up to our more robust dinner. The wine opened up, a lot, losing some of it's sweeter aromas, after being left to breathe. Half of the bottle was consumed a day later, by which time it was tasting pretty good. It was a shame, though, that it didn't display any roundness.

$15 a bottle from the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchants
Visit the Fritz winery here
Fritz Vintage 2002 Mendocino County Carignane


  • At 8/3/05 11:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Next time try a real Mendocino County wine. Sonoma wineries are usually too busy chasing Napa's tail to know what to do with Mendocino fruit.

  • At 8/3/05 23:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    funny, I bought a bottle of fritz carignane at the ferry building two weeks ago. Haven't tried it yet, but I'll read your tasting notes before I do.

  • At 8/3/05 23:34, Blogger Sam said…

    you've still got time to write up your own tasting for World Wine Blogging Wednesday, Ced. I'd be interested to hear your opinion.

  • At 9/3/05 00:07, Blogger Cerebrum said…

    Funny post Sam! "Neither of them has any real body!" LOL! I love the way your quirky mind works - and I mean that as a compliment!:-)

  • At 19/8/07 22:15, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That's a shame. I've not tried it myself, but that's one thing I can't stand, no body. It's an awful mouth feel to not have something stand up and assert itself, especially if paired with heavy foods.


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