Thursday, March 17, 2005

Berkeley Farmer's Market

Three good reasons to forget the Ferry Building Farmers' Market this weekend and buy in Berkeley instead. It's only a 20 minute drive across the bridge. Parking is easy and free close by. Products are cheaper and you are less likely to splurge on those fancy, less necessary, items that flaunt themselves and tempt you in San Francisco. I am not suggesting you ditch the Ferry Building altogether, just suggesting that once in a while a change might be good. Here are the three good reasons why...

Fatted Calf Crepinette Berkeley Farmers Market

My main reason to make the journey to Berkeley is to visit The Fatted Calf who make their own charcuterie and unique meat products. It's wonderful. Arrive early, at 10am, they sell out quickly. Last week we tried their Duck Crepinettes with Picholine Olives. Absolutely delicious, flavourful moist and juicy rounds of meat. Their range of products is different every week. It's a good idea to sign up for their weekly newsletter here or check out the Meathenge blog where Dr Biggles posts their menu weekly, so you can have an idea what's on offer before you make the journey to Berkeley.

Loulou's garden marmalade and jams Berkeley Farmers Market

Last week I bought a beautiful jar of Blood Orange and Rosemary Marmalade from Loulou's Garden. It's a curious mix of bitter and sweet, blessed with just a breath of rosemary. It's such a glorious deep, red colour too. My breakfast never looked prettier. Imagine a snow-white bowl of yoghurt topped with this glistening, exotic conserve. Check out the Loulou's garden website here to see what other treats she has in store.

tierra firma farm purple asparagus Berkeley Farmers Market

I couldn't resist a bunch of the pretty, purple asparagus from Terra Firma Farm either. The flavour doesn't differ much from green and it loses it's colour after cooking, but it sure looked pretty sitting in my fridge. I also loved their Yellow Fin potatoes. Once cooked, these yellow-fleshed spuds had a sweet, creamy texture. They almost tasted like parsnips.

Check out the times and location of the Berkeley Farmers' Market here
Berkeley Farmer's Market


  • At 17/3/05 15:20, Blogger Owen said…

    Sam, Terra Firma also runs an organic box scheme that is really good. They deliver in San Francisco - not sure of the drop offs anymore - and we have been with them for ten years or so now. This week we got yellow finns, lemons, oranges, tangelos, leeks, green garlic, fresh spinach, cabbage.

  • At 17/3/05 19:35, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ha oui c'est une vraie crepinette.

    I'm hungry now!

  • At 17/3/05 20:28, Blogger Sam said…

    I was thinking about getting a box, but between the two of us, we don't eat at home enough to make proper use. I would also hate o have to give up my excuse to visit the Farmers Markets!

    I promise I will take you to the Fatted Calf soon. Maybe they can make charcuterie for your wedding?

  • At 18/3/05 11:19, Blogger Stephanie said…

    Sigh...yet another reason to miss the Bay area. Stupid ol' Tennessee just doesn't have the kind of produce I want. And it's four hours to the nearest Whole Foods!

    Lucky girl.


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