Sunday, March 27, 2005

Bay Food Blogger of the Week #2 WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE

I don't suppose that many of readers will be able to understand the food blog I am going to point you in the direction of this week. I don't have a clue myself - because it's written in Japanese. But the author is such a prolific poster of interesting photographs of all manner of food places in San Francisco, many of which locals will recognise, that I wanted to give the Where the Wild Things Are blog a nod.

Some of the pictures, titles and restaurant names are written in English which will give you a hint as to what is being talked about. Other than that, you'll just have to go and enjoy the lovely pictures which can be found here. Check back often, updates are regular.
Bay Food Blogger of the Week #2 WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE


  • At 27/3/05 23:00, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    thank you very much for making comment on my blog. i wish i could write english blog but it's little hard for me to update everyday in different language Hoeever, i enjoy your site very much (I can read!!)

  • At 28/3/05 00:29, Blogger Alice said…

    This is my FAVORITE blog! Even before I knew what a blog was, I was reading this site every day! Whenever I feel undecided about where to go for dinner, I look here for inspiration. The writing is very witty and interesting as well. Great choice, Sam!

  • At 28/3/05 22:50, Blogger Jackson said…

    Wow, great find. Thanks, Sam. Bayarea, you wouldn't happen to be interested in writing for SFist? We're especially interested in both foodies and writers in other languages -- email me at, and maybe I can figure out a way to email you back in Japanese (I have friends, but they aren't local).

    Also, I know it will mangle the prose horribly, but you can always read it via Google's new Japanese to English translation beta.

  • At 29/3/05 07:29, Blogger Sam said…

    I want to thank ALice, actually, because I found this blog via her site.


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