Saturday, March 19, 2005

Bay Food Blogger of the Week #1 Eggbeater

There has been such an explosion of Bay Area food blogs recently. I try and list them all on my blog roll. It's hard to keep up these days. There are some really good sites out there, each one a little different or unique in some way. In this new weekly feature, I thought it would be a good idea to point you in the direction of another local food blogger. We're not talking about the blogs that were already mentioned in The Chronicle. I want to highlight some of the blogs that you might not have heard of already, blogs that deserve some of your attention too.

Shuna Lydon's San Francisco Bay Area Food Blog is called Eggbeater

Shuna Lydon is a pastry chef who has worked quite some big gigs in the Bay area. (Think French Laundry.) I first became aware of her posts on the Bay Area Chowhound Message Boards before finally meeting her at the Chowhound Picnic last Fall.

Since then, Shuna has started teaching some classes in San Francisco. I took her first one, recently, a knife class, graciously hosted by Jen.

Shuna is an excellent teacher. She is particularly articulate and precise in the way she speaks. She is a pleasure to listen to and watch at work. She adds little stories and anecdotes about kitchens and places she's worked, which serve to make the classes extra intriguing.

Shuna taught me quite a few things about types of knives to use, taking care of knives, knife safety and, of course, how to chop things up. My favourite technique of the day was how to supreme a grapefruit. I have long loved grapefruit but never really enjoyed eating them halved, with a spoon. Now I can cut them into beautiful pithless little segments, I can't get enough of having a grapefruit for my breakfast. See Shuna in "Supreme" action oven on the Meathenge site. It looks like Dr Biggles was inspired by Shuna's supreme technique too!

Quietly and without any ceremony, Shuna has started a blog. She didn't tell me about it, I just stumbled across a link to it on Meathenge. Do check it out, it's a beautifully written, fascinating perspective on food.
So, off you go then, go read her Eggbeater, Just don't forget to come back and see me some time, eh?
Bay Food Blogger of the Week #1 Eggbeater


  • At 19/3/05 18:24, Blogger shuna said…

    ZOW!!! I am so completely and immeasurably awed by this beautiful description of me, my blog, and my skills! Thank you ever so much! What a surprise to see my 'header' right there on your page! This blog community is wondrous, thank you for the warm welcome.

  • At 20/3/05 10:15, Blogger Amy Sherman said…

    Great idea! I'm having a tough time keeping up with the explosion of blogs too. Thanks Sam!


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