Thursday, March 10, 2005

A16 Review on SFist

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new readers who have arrived at Becks & Posh via yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle article about food bloggers in the Bay area. Congratulations to all the local bloggers who got a mention, or even their picture printed in the rag. But those of us with our newly found and fleeting fame, aren't the only bloggers in these parts. If you are more seriously interested in food in the Bay Area, stop here a while and check further down the index column on the right of this page where I try and keep an up to date, comprehensive list of all the local food bloggers I know about. In particular do try and find time to visit Life Begins at 30, who reminds us of the importance of sourcing localy grown and made products, Spicetart who is always a giggle and World on a Plate whose pieces are well-written and often thought-provoking.

Yesterday, I also had my first guest article published on local news digest, SFist. For the bi-weekly restaurant review feature they have asked me to do, I will be eating my way around San Francisco using the alphabet as a device for selecting the restaurants I am going to try. For my first piece, starting with the letter A, I visited the much talked about Marina District Italian, A16. Check out my review, written in typical SFist Style, here.
A16 Review on SFist


  • At 10/3/05 11:30, Blogger Amy Sherman said…

    Congrats on the new gig!

  • At 10/3/05 16:02, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Always sharin' the love!

    Great review of A16. Now I have to go back.



  • At 10/3/05 17:06, Blogger Ellen said…

    The new gig sounds very cool! Fun to see where the blogging can take you.

  • At 10/3/05 17:15, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tony Hurd and I were eating at a crappy diner off of Highway 101 yesterday on a trip back from the Central Coast, and we picked up a "San Francisco Chronicle" and saw that your stardom had only increased exponentially while we were away.

    Liked your restaurant review for SFist, although the title of that blog does give me pause. Aren't they aware that San Francisco is full of fist-f***ers who might be easily confused? When I first saw the name/logo I expected to see ads for slings and leather toys.

    Anyway, congrats starlet.


  • At 10/3/05 20:49, Blogger Sam said…

    thanks Amy!

    oh yes - the burrata - i dream of it every night as my held hits the soft white piloow...

    ellen - it is cool, but I do need to make it clear that it's not a paying job. Not even restaurant spends. It's just for the love...

    Michael - thank you for the congrats. I like the Starlet tag, I wish it would stick. And as for the confusion, I'm sure they are all BIG boys, perfectly capable of coping with such a minor disappointment. I bet they know where to go to get/see the good stuff anyway...


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