Thursday, February 10, 2005

Stinson Beach Grill - Marin

Stinson Beach Grill 3465 Highway 1 Stinson Beach, CA 94970 (415) 868-2002

*UPDATE* May 2009:

The Stinson Beach Grill has been sold.
Sam Temer, owner of the Sand Dollar and NEW owner to the Stinson Beach Grill.

Don't go to Stinson Beach especially to eat at the Stinson Beach Grill.

Go to Stinson Beach, because it's a beautiful, long sandy beach with a backdrop of the rolling Marin hills and Mount Tamalpais.
Go to Stinson Beach because it's a vacation day less than an hour from the city.
Go to Stinson Beach because to get there you'll drive along some of the most beautiful roads in the world.
Go to Stinson Beach to feel the wind in your hair, and to smell the sea.
Go to Stinson Beach to escape urban life, just for a while.

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Did you know how lucky San Franciscans are? Not only do we live in one of America's most cultural and liberal-thinking cities, we have beautiful countryside and the Pacific Ocean right on our doorstep.

If we are visiting Stinson at a time when none of our friends have organized a BBQ at the beach, (not often, but sometimes), Fred and I will invariably eat lunch at the Stinson Beach Grill. It's not the best food in the world, by any stretch of the imagination, but the service is friendly, you can sit outside in the sun and everyone is usually in a good mood. It's average fare in an above average setting where you'll find a mix of tourists, locals and visitors from all over the Bay area enjoying some food.

Menu choices are wide ranging. Oysters, clams, lamb, salads, burgers, rice and beans, sandwiches and sausages are just a few of the things available. Portions are huge and service always comes with a big sunny smile. On my last visit I tried the "Pound of Steamers". The clams were juicy, plump and fresh. The broth was a little too buttery, with some slightly overpowering raw garlic dominating the flavour. Diced red pepper was a welcome touch, but the soup might have tasted better if the ingredients had been cooked together a little first, before adding the clams, to give a better melding of flavours in the final result.

After lunch walk a block to the little coffee stand outside Beckers' Grocery store. I am not a huge fan of coffee, but I have never been disappointed with a latte here. (Yes, latte, I know, I don't expect you to take my opinion on this seriously.) But I can let you know that other friends rate their espresso highly too.
Stinson Beach Grill - Marin


  • At 10/2/05 15:03, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great shots, Sam!


  • At 7/12/05 09:12, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I live in Stinson (but go to school in LA) and may I recommend having breakfast or brunch at the Parkside Cafe next time you venture to the beach. The Huevos is amazing as is the Guatemalan Scamble. For those who like Hash, I know many that swear by the Parkside's. And if you order something that comes with toast, its all about the Raisin Walnut which is made right there. Hope this makes your next trip to Stinson at least slightly more enjoyable!

  • At 4/7/06 12:07, Blogger Tea said…

    I second the Parkside! It's tucked behind the park and gets less of the tourist crowd (or perhaps only tourists in the know:-). I think the food is better and they have a lovely garden. Good for brunch on your way up the coast.

  • At 23/7/06 13:18, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We have never been treated so poorly and never have I personally witnessed or been a party to such blatant racism as what happened at the Stinson Beach Grill. It was a horrible experiance that we will never forget.

  • At 27/7/06 14:50, Blogger Sam said…

    anon - what happened to you?

  • At 12/8/06 20:27, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Speaking as a restauranteur in Stinson beach (and no not the owner of the Grill but the owner of another competing Stinson Beach restaurant) I can assure you that this is categorically untrue. The executive chef is hispanic, they have had a clear history of hiring african americans for their labor force, and no restaurant owner would be so hateful, mean or downright stupid to deny service to anyone who would want spend good money in their establishment because of race, nationality, sex religion or any other reason. All customers money is green. I emplore the person accusing the Stinson Beach Grill to give them another chance. I have no doubt they will be happily debunked with any ideas of racism.

  • At 4/2/07 19:23, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm a longtime local of Stinson Beach and had to write to tell you that I had the absolute worst experience at the "Grill". I will never go inside that building again. The worst thing about my experience isn't the fact that I had to keep my down jacket on the whole hour I was dining due to the below freezing conditions INDOORS. And not the fact that 'we' had to try to keep the dying fire going. But the fact that a waitress that gave us poor service actually came up to me days later, when I made the mistake of going back,and accused me of not tipping her, and stood there in my face expecting me to hand her change. I gave her a tip the night before, and now wished I hadn't. And the story goes on from there. I'll just leave you all a tip now.. "don't waste your money, time, or comfort level at the Stinson Beach Grill. Friends don't let friends eat at the Grill.

  • At 4/2/07 19:41, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The person above was correct in their assessment of the Grill as I had a similar experience with below freezing temperatures inside the restaurant. The funny part was watching the owner walk around in shorts and I guess he figured everyone else better suck in in. What do they say, when in Rome do as the Romans.... but hey, we're not in Rome!

    Unfortunately, the food is good but the service subtracts from the overall dining experience and for this reason there are other places to go that you'd probably enjoy better. This again is unfortunate because the limited choices in Stinson, however if the place continues to perform poorly, then word will surely spread and look for a new place with a new name soon.

  • At 18/5/08 02:49, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Absolutely hands down the worst restaurant I've ever eaten at in my life. There's something wrong with the people that run this place.

    Waited forever for awful food and was treated poorly. Stay away from this place.


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