Friday, February 18, 2005

My Mum Would Love Tabla...

Revisit: Tabla 1167 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, (415) 461-6787

My mum would love Tabla. She was always nagging me to eat my vegetables. Now I've found a delicious way to do just that. I know you've heard it before, but I am not going to stop writing about the good experiences I have had at Tabla until everyone in the Bay Area who is serious about healthy but tasty, fresh, organic, well prepared, casual but beautiful cuisine has gone out of their way to try it.

The last gem that I tried at Tabla was a Composed Salad on the specials board. It was such a hit with me I am secretly hoping it is still available next time I visit.

Beets with Cumin

Very subtle, very addictive. A vegetable I am not crazy about made totally moreish.
An old favourite of mine. Matchsticks of celeriac in a mild creamy dressing. Not as mustardy as the French version, but delicious nevertheless.
Carrots with Dill and Walnuts
Very piquant and sharp. I suspect the dressing contained lime or another mouth-puckering citrus. This was my least favourite of the four because it was so feisty and the dill was overpowered. I still ate every last little scrap just the same.
Avocado with Meyer Lemon Dressing
Perfectly ripe, large chunks of creamy avocado adding a little decadence to the other more virtuous ingredients.

Oh yum!
If there had been a pattern on the plate, I would have licked it right off.

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My Mum Would Love Tabla...


  • At 18/2/05 09:59, Blogger megwoo said…

    That looks so great--and I'm no veggie lover either. I may need to take a food excursion to SF sometime this year...

  • At 18/2/05 10:02, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Will have to give it a try. Unfortunately our time in Marin is usually spent whizzing past it to San Francisco. We do have a couple of friends in Mill Valley and San Rafael though so perhaps one of them will join us for lunch sometime.

    Having seen the name I always assumed it was an Indian place (associating it with the drum) but of course tabla means table as well.

    Have you tried Fork?

  • At 18/2/05 13:31, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    somewhere you will have to take me on my next visit mum

  • At 18/2/05 16:27, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    A restaurant that fit my diet!

  • At 19/2/05 10:01, Blogger Sam said…

    MW - they really do a good job of making healthy things interesting.

    Haddock - they do actually specialize in Dosa's. But they are a version of dosa's - not authentic indian style. They are made with a sour dough starter which I am not to keen on which is why I have learnt to stick to the other dishes they do. Fred always has a dosa, though, with curried potatoes, scrambled egg and spinach. All tehir other fillings are even more un-Indian.

    Mum - Of course I will take you there - it's MUCH cheaper than Roxanee's where we went last time. And anyway, Roxanee's has closed.

    Del - It's only open til 7, so not really a restaurant, more a cafe - but they are open on Saturdays if you fancy a drive.


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