Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rose 2004

I bought a bottle of this South African wine in order to take part in the global wine tasting known as World Wine Blogging Wednesday this month hosted by Jeanne. Unfortunately, I didn't read the instructions properly. I was meant to buy a South African Red. Well, Rose, is almost red, isn't it? It looks sort of red in the pictures, doesn't it? I hope I will be forgiven, especially when I share the news about how great this particular pink wine turned out to be.

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On the back label, a number of food matches are suggested:

Delicious with crab cakes, chicken satay, spring rolls with ginger dipping sauce, herb rub roast turkey, ratatouille, fruit glazed pork chops or strawberries and cream.

Monday was a grey, wet day in San Francisco, so I chose to pair the wine with a hot, fresh, homemade ratatouille, topped with fresh basil and toasted pinenuts on a bed of steaming cous cous. As an accompaniment I toasted large slices of levain, dribbled with oil, topped with large slices of garlic and sprinkled with New Maldon sea salt.

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This time, it's over to Fred, to describe the wine to you...

"It smells, exactly like a rose should smell and it tastes like a pretty good rose too. It tastes really, really good. Perfect, perfect. Rose in Provence is fruity and the smell gives you a clue. This is just like a Rose in Aix, in Provence, it smells like you are right there. It's even better when you taste it, it tastes just like rose in Provence. It has a slight, slight sweetness, but it is not overpowering it tastes pretty dry. And it goes good with the ratatouille. Merci pour ce diner extraordinaire!"

Further details:

13,5% alcohol
$10.99 at K&L where the guy who sold it to me told me "people here who've tried love it and they tell me it's like a big crisp watermelon"
More information about the vineyard here
Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rose 2004


  • At 21/2/05 18:25, Blogger Anthony said…

    Thought I'd pop over and call you a big spizzy and then console you with the fact that I didn't even come close to getting it right with a chenin blanc. Bah!


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