Friday, February 04, 2005

Meat Art

Dr Biggles, over at Meathenge declared, recently, yet another online challenge aimed at foodbloggers and meat lovers. He even has three prizes to give away. This is a serious competition. In fact, some of the entries already in are so seriously good, I have half a mind not to enter. I wasn't very prepared and neither was I overjoyed with my photograph. But I live in such fear of reprehension from the Dr in the comments sections of my posts, I feel I must oblige. May I present to you, therefore, Meat and Art.

Mark Ryden is one of my favourite artists. He happens to have used meat as a feature in several of his paintings.
He even has an artist's statement about why he likes to paint meat. (Read it under the heading "Meat" - Oct 2001.) I wish I could afford a Mark Ryden original, but alas, I have to make do with the limited edition print that you can see above posing with my platter of mild copa, prosciutto and gherkins. Along with some toast, this is a simple and favourite weekday dinner meal for myself and Fred. I wish I could tell you where to buy a picture just like this one, they were only $20 or so each, but they are now, sadly, sold out. If you are feeling flush, I found something similar for sale on ebay.

Dr Biggles challenge, got me thinking about meat and it's place in the history of art. I decided to check out and see what else I could find. Here a few more examples I came across.

T-Bone on Red by Patricia Blau

Meat Intelligence by Craig LaRotonda

Bed of Ham by Cosimo Cavallaro

Meat Collage by David Kennedy

Paul Frank meets Mark Ryden and they give birth to a desirable, jaunty, cute, little purse. If anyone wants to donate one to me, I won't complain.

What about you?
Apart from all the wonderful creations and entries I am hoping to see at Meathenge do you have a favourite image that centres on edible flesh? Please go ahead and leave me any other arty, meaty discoveries or favourites you have in the nosh notes section.

Meat Art


  • At 4/2/05 22:37, Blogger Ced said…

    From the Chron a couple days is oddly fascinating.

  • At 4/2/05 23:37, Blogger santos. said…

    the only painting that centers around meat that i really, really love and covet is mark ryden's angel of meat. even though i'm fortunate to own a couple prints of his, it's the only ryden that i've ever wanted, and still do.
    a friend of my was once the object of affection of manuel ocampo; he used to come 'round her place in the middle of the night and drop giant canvases of meat images through her door mail slot. disturbing, in many ways, beautiful, in many ways. i have no idea what she did with all of them.

  • At 23/8/08 03:37, Blogger Bernie said…

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