Sunday, February 13, 2005

Fred rules his own kingdom. Pasta King

"Not even a mamma could make pasta as good as me." Fred

"I am half German and half French, but I make the best pasta in the world. It's exactly the way I like it!" Fred

It's Barilla Spaghetti or nothing. A spoonful of creme fraiche, lots of freshly ground black pepper, grated parmigiano and a dribble of olive oil for the boy, truffle oil for me.

And me? What do I think of Fred's Italian noodles? I wouldn't even dare cook the spaghetti in our household. There is no point even trying to compete with Fred's constant quest for pasta perfection...
Fred rules his own kingdom. Pasta King


  • At 13/2/05 12:31, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Try Latini.

  • At 13/2/05 16:49, Blogger Delphine said…

    never say in France that Fred is" le roi des nouilles"... huhuhu

    ask him.

  • At 12/8/07 14:50, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i realize this is an old post but i am so having this for dinner - and soon
    ok ok - i'll buy barilla...


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