Sunday, January 30, 2005

Views from Citizen Cupcake - Virgin - San Francisco

Citizen Cupcake in the Virgin Mega Store, 2 Stockton St. (at Market Street) San Francisco Tel. (415) 399-1565

If you are by yourself, shopping downtown, or a tourist in need of a sit down and a little treat, you could do worse than Citizen Cupcake in San Francisco's Virgin Mega Store. It's casual and friendly, light and sunny, has great urban views, huge picture windows, art, chocolate and candies from around the world plus sweet confections and savoury nibbles from one of San Francisco's most well-known purveyors of dessert.

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The lemon sandwich cookie disappointed, just a little, at first, when I bit into it, because the biscuit was just a tiny bit soft. But a couple of seconds later my mouth exploded with such a sweet cacophony of citrus and sugar accents, that the cookie was forgiven and I settled down to delight, instead, in the outrageously mouth-watering experience it turned out to be. I think I could have eaten at least another half a dozen, if no one had been watching...

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Views from Citizen Cupcake - Virgin - San Francisco


  • At 30/1/05 21:23, Blogger Michele said…

    The lemon sandwich looks lovely, too bad it was a disappointment. You always show pictures of the greatest fare.

  • At 13/5/05 11:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    PROS: the views are nice.
    CONS: can't live up to expectation, the name is too great, there is no Rosebud. Yeah they're cupcakes, not known for their gravitas, but the space is so large and the cakes are so small, it makes the cakes seem mean and the space uncomfortable, un-relaxing. A cupcake place must either be kitsch-retro or tongue-in-cheek elegant, Citizen Cupcake is neither. We came in the afternoon and the cupcake selection was very limited; chocolate w/ chocolate frosting or some icky looking Safeway style clown cupcake with garish food coloring frosting, yeich. While reasonably tasty for a cupcake, the experience could not transcend. A disappointment.

  • At 27/2/06 13:54, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I picked up a couple of their lemon and ginger sandwich cookies on a whim yesterday. My thoughts:

    Lemon: I loved the cookie,nice and citrusy but would have liked the creme fraiche filling to be a little more tart and less sugary sweet in keeping with the lemon theme.

    Ginger: The cookie could have been more molasses-y..Same comment on the filling. I think I will have to try whipping up my own version of this to satisfy my cravings!

  • At 19/7/06 12:55, Blogger twobadmice said…

    Does anyone know where to get the recipe for that cookie? The yum lemon cookie?

  • At 19/7/06 15:41, Blogger Sam said…

    i tired to make them and failed miserably. maybe i should try again.
    i made up the recipe somehow and it just didnt work. I had one just last week and it was as good as i remembered.

  • At 5/5/08 23:35, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I had a Persian Love cupcake. Now I know love and cupcake goodness. I'd happily kidnap that chef and make her my bride.

  • At 6/7/08 20:04, Blogger Unknown said…

    Stopped by in the afternoon and were sorely disappointed to find this to be a cupcake eatery in name only. There were only about half a dozen cupcakes in only 3 flavors available. Would never go here again. Cupcakes seemed to be an afterthought here.


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