Thursday, January 13, 2005

Spicetart & more...

San Francisco Food Blogs keep springing up all over the place. I can hardly keep my blog roll up-to-date. A couple of days ago I found a very flattering comment on my blog from "Spicetart"

She wrote: I read your blog everyday and I think you are the best. I'm actually inspired to start my own food blog that I am really enjoying.

Although Spicetart and I have never met, I am familiar with her posts on Chowhound's Bay Area Message Boards . It's great that she's decided to take the plunge and join the blogging community. Only a few posts old, and she's already got the scoop on the fact that Crepe & Brioche are opening a store for their baked goods in SF. Until now their delicious bread has only been available in high-end restaurants and in Farmers Markets. You'll find Spicetart's style quite amusing, I think she may give The Amateur Gourmet a run for his money in the comedy stakes. But when you read her latest diary entry Tarte Tatin Twice Upside Down , you may not know whether to laugh or cry..!

Two other new San Francisco blogs I've noticed this week:

The very beautiful, professional-looking and stylish SF Culinaire is maintained by a mysterious expat Canuck.

Less of a mystery is Bay Area Bites , Culinary rants & raves from Bay Area food professionals including someone quite well known in food blog cyberspace, none other than Amy . In their own words Bay Area Bites is a product of Cooking, a component of San Francisco's Public Broadcasting website. Their food blog combines the expertise and insight of a number of Bay Area food writers and professionals who each bring their unique perspectives the virtual table.

Welcome to the San Francisco Food Blogging Community, everyone.
Spicetart & more...


  • At 14/1/05 10:13, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Has anyone ever told you that you rock? How does one rock as much as you rock? You rock.

    molly aka spicetart (there is another Molly that I see around these parts...)

  • At 14/1/05 19:16, Blogger Sam said…

    yes, there is another Molly, from Orangette . There is also my niece in Ireland, but she is spelt differently. Mollie.


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