Saturday, January 29, 2005

Scrambled Egg on Toast with Prosciutto

Jeanne from Cook Sister has a hilarious little monthly blogging event called EoMEoTE which grew from some posts between her and Spiceblog , in which they ripped the piss (just a little) out of online food blogging events. Nowadays there are so many, and it's hard to keep up with them all, although Ronald does a good job of hosting a site that tries to track all of the different cooking challenges.

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All that EoMEoTE = End of the Month Egg on Toast Eggstravaganza requires, is that you cook some eggs and some toast and post about it. I wasn't intending to join in, but I have been sick. I have been walking around three days with a leathery tongue and a gruff throat, feeling shaky. I was definitely out of sorts, I actually elected to eat lunch at Foodles for two days in a row! I have been quite enjoying having a long scarf wrapped several times around my neck at all times of the day. It's cozy! I was even considering wearing it in bed but Fred rolled his eyes at the sight of me naked with a bunch of little black pom-poms hanging around my neck and I thought maybe it wasn't such a good idea.
Ok, get that picture out of your head right away! On Thursday night, and even though Fred was cooking up a pot of his world famous pasta, all I wanted to eat was some comforting scrambled eggs on toast. It occurred to me, I can take a picture of this and send it to Jeanne, which is exactly why this post came to be...

Whisk two organic, brown, non-pateurized eggs together with salt and pepper. Melt a knob of Celles sur Belle French Butter in a small non-stick pan over low heat. Add the eggs and stir gently until softly scrambled. Serve over a slice of thick, crunchy, white toasted bread and crown with a slice of prosciutto.
Scrambled Egg on Toast with Prosciutto


  • At 29/1/05 12:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Sam!
    Hmm, maybe next month we will do an "End of Month Unusual Bedtime Neckwear Extravaganza" instead :o)

    Hope you're feeling better - that piece of prosciutto draped over the scrambled eggs had me hankering after a bite of your comfort food... Little known fact: when I'm hungover, all I crave is a piece of toast piled high with Hellmanns mayo, scrambled eggs and lots of cheese on top - an instant pick-me up!

    Great to have you join us for EoMEoTE - even if it wasn't planned!


  • At 30/1/05 06:08, Blogger Panthergirl said…

    Hey...stopped by via Michele's Scavenger hunt and I'm stumped!! My blog is in the same round, so come visit me! Now, back to trying to figure this one out...

  • At 30/1/05 18:36, Blogger santos. said…

    when you mentioned the scarf and the eye rolling, i thought of an anecdote told by lisa kudrow. someone asked her about her fashion sense, and she said it helps that her husband is french; every time she puts on an outfit he doesn't like, he rolls his eyes and says "baby, why do you hurt me like this?!"

  • At 31/1/05 09:49, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sam, I love this blog! Your pic of eggs on toast had me drooling, especially the artful, suggestive way in which the prosciutto curls over the eggs. I can't wait for the next edition of the hysterical EoMEoTE, since I'm pretty new at this food-blogging thing -- sounds like an event that I can handle as I practice my baby steps...



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