Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Royal Frank - Fourth Street - San Rafael

811 Fourth Street, San Rafael, CA, USA

Chinese Lopchong, dry, slightly sweet Chinese sausage, with lots of very hot spicy mustard, on a toasted roll, $2.90

Royal Frank
is a tiny little Hot Dog place squished between two other stores at the Freeway-end of San Rafael's main shopping thoroughfare.

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These aren't my favourite dogs in the Bay area, but they are tasty enough, very, very cheap and will be served up to you by a sweet, friendly couple, who have been dishing out from the same menu, in the same spot for twenty or so years. Condiments include a wonderful Chinese spicy mustard (almost indistinguishable from Colman's English) that will deliver a kick to the back of your nose, swiftly making your eyes water, a side effect I personally happen to think is quite worth it for the glorious taste of strong mustard that follows.

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There are 10 or so tables for eating in on cold days like today. Else you can take out. Service is friendly, fast and efficient. The place is always packed full of regulars. Read other reviews on Chowhound here
Royal Frank - Fourth Street - San Rafael


  • At 19/1/05 17:39, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Next time try a double kosher (that 2 on one bun) with all the fixings -- sublime! This was always a popular post-Little League and soccer practice stop for us.

  • At 19/1/05 18:10, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sorry for the repetitious postings -- love your blog but thought it was "down," and thus the repeats. Can/will you delete #1 and 3?

  • At 19/1/05 18:19, Blogger Sam said…

    Hey - no worries - thanks for the kind words.
    Blogger can be a little tempramental sometimes. As it is a free service , I can't really complain. Do you want me to delete # 4 too? I can, but then this post won't make sense... :)

  • At 22/5/07 11:25, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So what is your favorite dog place in the bay area, if not Royal Franks?


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