Thursday, January 20, 2005

Picasa 2 Just Released + Other Food Blog News

Bloggers who use Hello to upload their photos should rush and get the latest free download of Picasa here now!

I just quickly grabbed a copy of it and found it has some neat functions. I very quickly made this photo collage of some of the pictures from our Christmas Dinner and uploaded it to my blog in less than 5 minutes...

Click on the photo to enlarge

Check it out, why don't you!


+ Becks & Posh got it's first ever press mention yesterday. We were a little bit chuffed to be included in the list, after the journalist stated The best blogs display passion and personality. We even got described as an energetic and amiable European filmmaking couple. You'd laugh if you knew how lazy we can be sometimes! You can check out the article here
It has a particularly astute observation about a subject close to my own heart...

"One consequence of blogging, he notes, is that online dining reviews are "throwing the balance of power in the restaurant industry off kilter." Up to now, restauranteurs in any one city had to be concerned with only a few restaurant critics, whom they sometimes could recognize and provide with sharpened service. Now, however, anyone with a Web site can be a stealthy restaurant critic."

Elise, from Simply Recipes, who was the main focus of the article, has written a piece about being interviewed for the Sacramento Bee's write-up.


+ Two new Bay Area Food Blogs I just discovered:

Love & Cooking which is nearly two years old, so I am not sure why I didn't find it sooner.

Culinary Muse , a beautiful, brand new, San Francisco blog that appears to be hosted by San Francisco food stylist and author of A Cozy Book of Breakfasts and Brunches, Karletta Moniz.
Picasa 2 Just Released + Other Food Blog News


  • At 20/1/05 08:46, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Becks & Posh,

    Thanks so much for mentioning culinarymuse on your site this morning. I am looking forward to joining other fun and smart Bay Area food bloggers, like yourselves, with getting the word out on what the food scene here is really like.
    Best regards,

  • At 20/1/05 09:56, Blogger Amy Sherman said…

    Thanks for the heads up on the blogs and congrats on the mention in the Bee.

  • At 20/1/05 10:07, Blogger molly said…

    Picasa is great, I just dopwnloaded it and away I went.

    And congrats on the mention!


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