Friday, January 28, 2005

Honey Mustard Mayonnaise - Cracked Crab - Avocado

Crab was another dish in our eight-course Christmas Extravaganza
We served it with a 2002 Clos Val Bruyere Cassis.
This is a crisp, fresh, white wine from the Cassis Region in France, not to be confused with the more common blackcurrant liqueur, from the same area, that is often added to white wine or champagne to make Kir.

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This was my first time at cooking live crab. It's ok, they didn't squeal when I tossed them in the pot. I followed Thomas keller's suggestion which involves simmering the crabs with bouquet garni and some flavoursome vegetables for only 5 minutes before turning off the heat and letting the crabs cool to room temperature.

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Mayonnaise was made, by Hans using a very special mustard...

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Every year, a friend of a friend makes this mustard. I was lucky enough to sample it last summer when I first met her and just fell in love with it. I begged her for the recipe, but it is a family secret that will never be divulged. Even though I'd only just made her acquaintance, the maker of the mustard remembered how crazy I was about her family's creation, and she kindly put me on the list of people who would receive a jar for Christmas. Lucky me! Love like that needs to be shared, so I chose to use the mustard as a base for the mayonnaise to accompany our fresh crab and avocado salad at Christmas.

Whilst planning the meal, my mind had been filled with pictures of a beautifully composed crab salad. Reality kicked in and my crabs were still sitting uncracked when the guests arrived for dinner. I have to especially thank Michael and Katya for donning aprons to cover their glad rags before diving in to separate the meat from the shells so that we could proceed with our grand celebratory feast.

Wine pairings for the meal were suggested by K & L Wines
Honey Mustard Mayonnaise - Cracked Crab - Avocado


  • At 28/1/05 10:41, Blogger Ziz said…

    Hey Sam

    Quick question... when you save each post to your hard drive, how exactly do you do it? Do you copy and paste it into a word doc or wha? Thanks!! :)


  • At 28/1/05 11:26, Blogger Guy said…

    MUSTARD !?!??!? I LOVE MUSTARD !!!!

    Food Bowl in Berkeley has some rockin' mustards.

    In case AJ cares, I write up my posts in Windows Notepad, copy and paste in to blog.

    Hey Sam,

    Don't forget to submit an entry for Meathenge's Meat Platter Contest !!


    Biggles /

  • At 29/1/05 11:04, Blogger Sam said…

    I go the individual web page for the post
    and click the rice mouse button (i hope you don't have an apple :) and select "save as" and then it saves the page.

    Dr B
    I will try but dont blame me if I bend the rules slightly. I am out of sorts these last 3 days and didn't get to berkely to see the FC as I would have liked. + I have to look for a new appt, but if i have the time I will certainly oblige. SOunds like fun.


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