Monday, December 06, 2004

Seafood and Pasta Kitchen - San Rafael - Marin

The much beloved Pronto Pasta in an unsightly industrial lot on the outskirts of San Rafael closed a couple of months ago when the owner, Franco, and his family moved to South America. As it was a favourite, weekly lunch stop and close to our work, we were missing it badly. We were encouraged, however, by the information that it would be reopened by a young chef, who wanted to keep at least some of, Franco's menu intact.

Today was the day when we finally noticed that the Seafood and Pasta Kitchen was open. By a whisker, Second customers through the door, and first to order. Yes, Fred and I had the first ever meal at the new restaurant. We'll try it a couple more times and then report back on the menu. Watch this space.

Seafood and Pasta Kitchen - San Rafael - Marin


  • At 7/12/04 18:54, Blogger Hoff said…

    Hey there -
    Just noticed your link Sibilous, via the magic of site meter. Nifty! Cheers!
    Nice photos, btw. I envy you your digicam.

    Perhaps someday we could combine the might of our separate foodie powers and jointly decide to go review some place.

  • At 22/4/05 18:09, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Except for its location this is one of the best restaurants I've been to in a long while. My partner had seared Ahi and it was as good as any we've had in Marin; I had a great fresh Pasta dish and loved every bite. The Caesar salad was tangy - not afraid to be a Caesar. The interior of Seafood & Pasta Kitchen is lovely. The new owners gutted it - very upscale. The server was attentive. The chef, Jason, oversees and works side by side in the ktichen - attention to detail is obvious. Don't worry about the location not being glamorous. Once you're inside the food and ambiance will make you forget it's in a business neighborhood. Just enjoy that you have found one of the best secrets in Marin!

  • At 3/5/05 08:56, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The Seafood & Pasta Kitchen is absolutely delicious. I try to introduce as many people as I can to it, so that it will be there for a long time, as the location makes it an unlikely winner.

  • At 24/12/05 01:15, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    the son mother and father are heartless....mean...cruel...


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