Thursday, November 11, 2004

Tabla - Larkspur - Marin - Revisit

I was at Tabla (a little cafe hidden away in Larkspur, Marin) for lunch again. It was my third visit. Previous times I had the Dosa, so I confused myself, on such a rainy day as this, to suddenly act quite out of character, and pick a salad.

A glistening pile of lemony dressed spinach leaves, English peas and fennel shavings, with hints of fresh dill and mint interspersed here and there were topped with ample, succulent slices of smoked salmon. On the side was a little hard boiled egg, still warm and sprinkled with freshly ground pepper. Absolutely perfect!

Salads can so often seem like a healthy chore, but this was a successful and pleasurable plate, totally enjoyed by someone who isn't even that crazy, generally, about salad. Tabla have now got my full attention. I was only 'so so' with the Dosa on previous visits because they are made from sourdough which I don't like.

NB: I asked, when ordering, if the smoked salmon would be hot or cold (I don't like it hot). I was told cold. But then the server rushed back to tell me he'd been wrong and that it was designed to be hot but he could do it with regular uncooked smoked salmon for me. Phew.

Price = not exactly cheap - as I recall somewhere around the $10 or $11 mark, but any place that makes me actually yearn to eat healthy food is worth its weight in gold to me

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Tabla - Larkspur - Marin - Revisit


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