Sunday, November 14, 2004

Shhhh! The Secrets of Saha

Saha 1075 Sutter Street San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 345-9547

You won't regret a visit to this new restaurant situated in the recently renovated Carlton Hotel. Trust me. You'll find spicy hummus so delicious it takes all your willpower not to pick up the dish and lick it clean.
Knaffe An incredible seared tuna in a crispy basket of shredded phylo with fig sauce olive and walnuts. Absolutely amazing.
Tiger Prawns Delicate tiger prawns in a minty dressing. Small, but sublime.
Lamb shank Twist of Yemen an enormous hunk of meat wrapped around a huge bone. Melts in your mouth.
Saha Red Curry with Tofu, "like no tofu you have ever tried before, the best tofu I have ever tasted" (declared it's orderer, a Tofu aficionado from Korea). She let me try. I was blown away. Rich, a rare treasure.
Moroccan Couscous with Merguez, ordered by the Frenchman who knows about these things. Wonderful, "the best couscous I've had outside of Paris".
And me? I ordered the duff thing on the menu, the Ten Crust Pizza which turned out to be an open flaky pastry tart not dissimilar to something I make regularly at home. It wasn't bad, but it didn't bowl me over.
As we were lingering over our desserts, Baklava and a Molten Chocolate Cake with the perfumed Cardamom and Rose ice cream, the chef, Mohamed, surprised us by joining us at our table with a bottle of wine that he kindly shared amongst us. He wanted to know what we thought of his cooking. The boys told him they didn't like the orange element in the chocolate cake whilst us girls protested we liked it just fine. I told him I thought my pizza was a little ordinary. He shrugged and said "it is what it is". But we raved about everything else and he seemed happy with the results of his cooking. He asked all of our names and was so friendly and welcoming we almost didn't want to leave.
No worries, we'll be back, his cooking skills and his hospitality are going to make regular customer of us all, I am sure.
Price for four, with two bottles of wine, $150.

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Shhhh! The Secrets of Saha


  • At 15/11/04 14:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey, that sounds great. Ruth and I will have to give it a try.


  • At 18/11/04 22:32, Blogger Sam said…

    I'd love to know what you think if you give it a try, Alder! Hope you find it as good as we did.


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