Sunday, November 07, 2004

Chez Maman - 18th Street - Potrero Hill - San Francisco

Chez Maman 1453 18th Street between Missouri & Connecticut on San Francisco's Potrero Hill 415.824.7166

Date of Re-Visit Sunday 7th November 2004


Fred has declared that Chez Maman's burger is the one that sets the standard by which he is going to judge all other burgers from now on. I guess that means he really liked it. I've had one before and I think they are pretty good too.

Fred, tell me what you like about Chez Maman's Burger? Well, the meat is good, the bread is good, the side of aoli mayonnaise is good. The fries are ok. It's everything I need.
(sounds to me Fred needs better fries and some more creative adjectives, if anyone has some tips for him feel welcome to leave a comment...)


I tried the Chez Maman complet crepe with ham, cheese and an egg on top. It was a large, dry, wheaty tasting crepe. it was good, but not as oozing with cheese at the Ti Couz version which I think prefer, just slightly. It's a very close run thing, though.
Chez Maman - 18th Street - Potrero Hill - San Francisco


  • At 1/2/06 15:18, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 1/2/06 15:55, Blogger Sam said…

    dear anonymous (whose comment i have deleted)

    I am going to have to delete your comment. Let me explain why.
    I am quite happy about you criticising any of the restaurants I write about on my site, even critcising them harsly, if you have genuine reason for doing so. (Although please note I do take comments more seriously (and so would the readers), when the writer of the comment shows some level of responsibility for their words by leaving a real name, or a link to their website (if they have one).)

    But since I live with a Frenchman, who does not fit in with the tired racial stereotypes with which you blanket the French, I find myself offended by your racist rant.

    This blog is the result of a lot of hard work on my behalf and I cannot allow it to become a sounding board for racist remarks. You are welcome to repost a critique of your less-than-stellar experiences with Bulow's chain of French restaurants, but please do so without the racism and stereotypes of your previous comment.

    thank you.

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