Monday, October 18, 2004

Ti Couz - 16th Street - San Francisco - CA

Ti Couz 3108 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 252-7373

Date of visit Sunday October 17th, 3pm.

There are two Creperies in San Francisco that are difficult to resist. The first, is the recently opened Crepuscule which I love. Fred prefers Ti Couz which is well established as a reasonably-priced, slightly funky, popular place in the Mission district where you can fill up on Brittany-style pancakes with a variety of fillings. They are open all day and don't take reservations. It's very casual and perfect for a pit-stop on a dull, rainy San Francisco Sunday afternoon.

The first thing I always do at Ti Couz is ask for a bol of the Bouche Brut French Cidre. Nothing like what Americans call cider, this sparkling, dry and alcoholic drink has a really earthy, farmyard taste. It somehow seems even more delicious when served Bretagne-style, in an earthenware bowl.

Despite the tempting number of savoury crepe options at Ti Couz, I nearly always get the Complet(French ham, Gruyere and an Egg, sunnyside up) or a mushroom, cheese and almond. Lately, I have been adding my two favourites together by asking for a Complet with extra mushrooms, which is what I had today. The fillings are incredibly, filling, rich and tasty, with the buckwheat in the crepes giving everything a good, nutty texture.

Fred always orders the same thing. He just asks for a simple plain gruyere cheese crepe. As soon as he's finished it he promptly orders another one, exactly the same. Every time, precisely the same thing. If that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is.

I tried a sweet crepe at Ti Couz once and didn't rate it at all. The crepe was soggy and rubbery, and they are topped with a big swirl of unnecessary sweet cream butter. Crepuscule's sweet crepes were far better on the occasion I tried one there.

According to Fred, Brittany has an old gaelic language of its own, different to French. Yehed mad! Cheers!

Cidre Bouche Bol $3
Syrah Verre $5
Complet $7
*mushroom $3
Fromage $4

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Ti Couz - 16th Street - San Francisco - CA


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