Saturday, October 09, 2004

San Francisco Chowhound Picnic

Picture of the Day # 1

I volunteered to be "Food Photographer" for the Chowhound Picnic earlier today. It was a really fun job, although a little tricky to photograph all of the dishes before everyone started diving in to try all of the delicious homecooked food on offer. SF Chowhound will be creating a webpage all about the picnic which I'll link to once it has been put in place. In the meantime, each day or so, I am just going to publish one of my favourite photographs from the picnic.

Martabak (flat eggroll) and Achar (pickled vegetables)
This photo was a result of the excellent cooking demonstration we had. I love the simplicity of this picture, with the tiny cubes of pickled vegetables looming so large in the foreground. In the background, the Thai appetizer we saw being made was a mix of minced beef, spring onions, salt, pepper and beaten egg, wrapped in a sheet of "spring roll wrap", then briefly fried in a skillet until golden. It was delcious. Fred and I rarely eat Asian food at home, but maybe this simple recipe will help change that.

Here is a link to Han's Chowhound post with the full recipe and details.
San Francisco Chowhound Picnic


  • At 6/9/05 22:43, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is an invitation to anyone in the Slow Food group for the CHEF'S PICNIC III on Sept. 25 12pm-5pm. The Picnic is open to all good cooks free of charge and in the past two years we've had several professional chefs and some accomplished home chefs making some mind blowing picnic dishes. It's located at Crissy Field in the Presidio. All information and map on our new website:

    Any questions contact or call me at (415) 346-6150.

    Doug Cain


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