Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Carneros Creek 2001 Pinot Noir

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Date of tasting: October 25th 2004

carneros cork

Aroma Liquorice, tobacco, the inside of an old car, cough drops, cherry strepsils, mustard seeds.

Taste Harsh, fresh, very young. It jarred with the sweetish tomato sauce I paired it with until added chili flakes to the food. More agreeable after opening up to the air and accompanying a spicier tasting dish, but never quite losing its bitter medicinal flavour.

carneros label

It was a gift, therefore the price is unknown. Internet searches suggest it is selling in restaurants at prices between $24 and $32.
Carneros Creek 2001 Pinot Noir


  • At 28/10/04 12:11, Blogger Sam said…

    It wasnt that great really - I wouldnt buy it again, but from what I could gander from my not highly sucessful internet search was that some different vintages might be much better than this one. Their website was partly under construction so I wasn't really able to find out as much about this wine as i would have liked to.


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