Friday, September 17, 2004

Keanu Reeves (and other stars) on Belden Alley

Star spotting on Belden Lane
Belden Alley was buzzing last night. A lot of the energy was being caused by the presence of Keanu Reeves (eating at Plouf, but standing outside Bastille having a smoke and an animated conversation). If I hadn't been told it was him I wouldn't have recognised him with his long hair and beard. One of my best friends, D, knows him so I sms'd her in LA to say I was eating at the same at the same restaurant as him. She quickly replied that I had to go and deliver him a kiss from her and demand one back in return for both myself and Fred. I was toying with the idea that maybe I should, but he left to go play his SF gig long before I'd summoned up any courage.

Whilst we are talking about star spotting, Belden is the place for it. I have seen Robin Wright-Penn there too. But when we saw her husband Sean , he was dining at Il Davide in San Rafael.
Keanu Reeves (and other stars) on Belden Alley


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