Saturday, August 28, 2004

Buffets and BBQs

27-28th August 2004


It was a weekend of parties. On Friday night K hosted a party with a magnificent buffet spread. We all had a great time, except there was a sad reason for the celebration. Our beloved H, Big Guy, is leaving for a job in Vancouver. At least we have another City where we can escape for the weekend where we can stay with a friend. (Plus it's near Whistler!)

melon wrapped with prosciutto

Figs are in season

K's friend J baked some delicious home-made Macadamia Nut and white chocolate cookies.


In celebration of D's birthday we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to his BBQ and Pool Party in Mill Valley. It was a glorious day and the unheated pool boasted temperatures in the mid 80s. (29 degrees Celsius)

D, who is French and an excellent cook, had made burgers which he told me contained avocado. I was intrigued by this unusual ingredient and was keen to try one after my swim. The burger was excellent and extremely juicy. I think I might try that avocado trick next time I make them.

The potato salad was also worthy of a special note. Please don't test my cholesterol, the potatoes were swimming in a delicious thick creamy mayonnaise with plenty of boiled eggs and crunchy vegetables to give is some bite. How could I resist going back for a second spoonful?

Barbecued squash and peppers from D's garden.

In the evening we went to P's BBQ party in Bernal Heights. Her room mates were cooking a whole wild salmon from their family in Alaska on the coals. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture this time. P also mixed up some wicked margheritas and mojitos.
Buffets and BBQs


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