Thursday, July 08, 2004

Chez Pierrot, Meudon, France

Chez Pierrot, Le Central, 26 Rue Marcel Allegot, 92190, Meudon, France.

The shabby chic charm of this charming restaurant in the suburbs of Paris made a very relaxing cream and white backdrop to our evening. A long menu of traditional French recipes presented a difficult choice for me. Unaccustomed to this type of food, I was eager to be bombarded with new tastes. Craving some vegetables I decided to choose a caviar d'aubergine for my appetizer. Beautifully presented inside a ring of cucumber, this garlicky pasted of eggplant dribbled with olive oil tasted light and fresh.

F, more bravely chose the somewhat uncertain Salade Perigourdine. This was knockout. A vivid green pile of leaves, beans and peas was crowned with slithers of smoked duck as well as pate foie gras encased in shells of duck meat.

For my main course I could not resist trying the Duck Confit at last, one of my favourite meals. This tasting, however, was my first savouring of the dish actually in France. The duck (whose skin wasn't as crispy as I expected), was less memorable than the accompanying potatoes which had been roasted in the duck's fat and were wickedly crispy and heavy. Because of their richness I could only manage to eat a few despite their deliciousness.
V had taken the Ris de Veau which as I understand it are some glands from the neck of the animal. Gingerly I tried one and found it excellent, in contrast to my squeamish expectations. F's steak was not cooked quite as much as he likes it but he told me that accompanying pepper sauce hit the right spot.
Chez Pierrot, Meudon, France


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