Friday, May 21, 2004

Vino E Cucina

Thursday May 20th, with my girl friend MBH

MBH and I decided to visit Vino E Cucina mainly due to its close proximity (we both live within a few blocks from each other in SoMa). MB had already visited and declared it to be adequate food at decent prices. Pigishly, we couldn't resist an appetizer and opted to share a helping of Arancini which I hadn't seen on a menu since my London days. The little fried balls of risotto rice with mozarella were disappointing. The aborio were so sweet they tasted like rice pudding and the cheese didn't have enough pungency to beef up the blandness. Next!
I'd read about VeC's lasagne and as it contained some of my favourite ingredients (italian ham, gruyere and spinach), I chose it for my main course whilst MB requested the pizza special of the day, Cappriciosa, with a topping of artichokes. The lasagne was non-standard assembly, presented as 3 little pockets filled with the aforementioned ingredients. As such, the size of the dish was less daunting than I had anticipated. However, the deliciously wicked creamy cheese sauce on which the pasta was floating, soon threatened to close down my arteries. Ummmmm! Death by comfort food! MB seemed to be enjoying her pizza, especially the crusts (a girl after my own heart). We'd shared half a bottle of Bordeaux at MB's prior to dinner and after sharing a further bottle of Barbera during our meal, we were internally satisfied enough to wend our separate ways home for the night.
As we left we looked up and saw a giant tomato impaled on the restaurant frontage but I am sure we hadn't had that much to drink...
Vino E Cucina


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